Randy Abbey and Co have nothing to offer Ghana Football

Fri, 1 Aug 2014 Source: Raymond Yeboah

Football administration is by far different from hosting a political show.

The fact that ones party is in power thus not grant a position.

The football administration for now doesn't need new or fresh ideas because the one in charge has by far executed his duty well if Ghanians are going to be objective.

Those who are behind Randy's T-Shirt must know that the choosing of FA Presidency is not done by public and until congress determine so Nyantakyi is still enjoying his position.l do pity this sports presenter at Kumasi based FM station metro FM and their boring and unreal story on yese yese part of the programmed, misinforming the public that Nyantakyi is panic of potential Randy Abbey's contest.What does Kwasi afraid of, looking at his record and sound success at that position?.No qualified electorate would vote Nyantakyi out office if merit and achievement is going to be the rule of the game.

Randy Abbey is a politician and he doesn't have that football administrative acumen to challenge Kwasi and if Odotei Sowah even failed to handle a single football clubs like Hearts and King Faisal, how much more can he handle the whole FA.

l don't think any of these candidates l have already mentioned could unseat Kwasi if the election is going to be based on his record and achievement.

Enviousness, hinders progress and changes in any position is fairy made by ones attributes and achievement not because he has been there for long talk.

Those stomach presenters who are routing for a change must put Kwasi and their supposed candidates on scale to see who qualifies to occupy that seat.

The football fans in Ghana need their competent president and the FA is not ready for any changes because world cup failure alone is not an assessment for ones effort,Kwasi must go unopposed and l believe unless he willingly step down no one is ready for now to replace him.

I am done.

Source: Raymond Yeboah