Rashida Black Beauty's nude video: An affront to womanhood

Rashida Black Beauty AWARD Rashida Black Beauty

Tue, 25 Jul 2017 Source: Simon Aikins

The advent of Social Media has improved lives tremendously with regard to timely delivery of news. It has served as a tool for change and brought to the attention of those in authority to attend to pressing issues that alleviate the pains of people in a particular society which the authorities may be oblivious of.

Social Media like any other thing has its shortfalls which sometimes may seem to defeat the purpose for which it was established. The daily abuse witnessed on Social Media daily makes one wonder whether it is even prudent to have a social media account. The abuses are just countless and keep increasing by the hour.

Not long ago, a teenager who prefers to be called Rashida Black Beauty was on Facebook insulting her former boyfriend in a video for ditching her for another girl. In the video, she uses obscene words to describe the said former boyfriend and his current girlfriend.

This I thought she did it out of pain and disappointment as a result of the breakup. I knew she would get over it with time. Though I was irked by her uncouth approach and behaviour, I hoped she would grow up and dissociate herself from such deviant behaviour.

Viasat TV also through their Jigwe Awards decided to award her for her shameful behaviour. There was a public outcry about such an award. Some thought Viasat TV was promoting lasciviousness, whereas others thought otherwise. Out of this, she became a "star" overnight playing cameo roles in movies.

With all these, I thought she was going to leverage on that to turn over a new leaf and concentrate on her new found love that will also enrich her pocket, but she disappointed her followers who were solidly behind her.

A few days ago, she released a nude video of herself twerking with houseflies also having a field day on her vagina. I just could not understand why she did that? Did she do that to resurrect her waning overnight fame she was not prepared for? Initially, I thought the video accidentally leaked, but her justification of her silly behaviour and insults she rained on all who condemned her made me believe she did it on purpose. I'm not a qualified psychiatrist, but I'm tempted to believe she is losing it. No sane human will do this except those who are into it for commercial purpose. Even such people have dignity and won't stoop so low. Her attitude is an insult to womanhood.

We have all been clamouring for women empowerment. How do you empower someone who does see the need to be empowered? Girls of her age in the world are doing something worthwhile with their lives in order to build a future for themselves. I know some people would say that it is her choice or right to do what she is doing. I want to ask whether she would be proud of what she has done or would her children be proud of her attitude in future? We should not waste our time on the current pleasures of life and deny ourselves a better tomorrow.

This is the time our society must stop glorifying things that have the tendency of coming back to harm us. Let us concentrate on imbibing good values into our future generations. The destiny of the country is in their hands. We have to prepare them adequately to take over the reigns of the nation from the aged. If these are the future leaders we are looking up to, then I'm sorry to say the future of the country is bleak.

She should understand that there is time for everything and all the things on earth are time bound. It is not too late to have a change of heart. Going nude will get her a few likes and comments from perverts who are lusting over the body. As a lady, she must live an exemplary life by adding value to herself. She does not have to go naked on Social Media to prove a point to anyone. All those edging her on would abandon her in the cold when the going gets tough.

Rashida needs our help.

I believe all those criticising her are doing that out of love and would not want her to end up in the wrong hands. Rashida Black Beauty, your attitude does not depict a true black beauty. Cover your nakedness stringently for whoever deserves it. Try to control your sharp tongue before it lands you in trouble. Be rest assured that, Ghana will not give up on you until you come good. We love and cherish you irrespective of your lewdness and will continue to be a watchdog over your life in order for you to achieve what you are destined for.

Columnist: Simon Aikins