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Rawlings, A Criminal Legitimized By A Sham Constitution

By Kwadwo Poku

Ever since the man child Rawlings came on the ascendancy with AK 47 in hand to the present day, where he is perceived by the political astute to be a has been, he continues to dominate the headlines. Not only does he see himself as the owner of the NDC, he also sees himself as the father of our 4th Republic. When I posted the article GHANA'S PARLIAMENT; A USELESS LEGISLATIVE BODY & A WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY on June 12, little did I know in the weeks to come the political firebrand ( Kofi Wayo) will echo the same sentiments, but on a broader platform than mine. He exposed the incompetence of the legislature to the concurrence of the overwhelming majority of commentators on this forum. We have a parliament who's ignorance of the constitution has in a way contributed to the noise amplification of the empty barrel. As a result, the political cacophony never settles. Now resettling the unrepentant wastrel in a state owned crib is the issue on board. After devotees who seems to be voodooized by this cultic moron vehemently denied he owns a house, he now admits he does ( thanks to the investigative journalism of Kwesi Pratt & crew ), and that begs the question where did we as a nation go wrong? Day in and day out, this felon continues to fool Ghanaians by his portrayal of frugality, but his conspicuous opulent lifestyle gives him up.

Weeks ago there were serious talks about the indemnity clause on this forum, and we seem to have limited the discussions only to the coups he staged, the people he murdered and the overthrow of a government elected by the people. But you see, the indemnity clause is broader than that. The peculation of money under the PNDC is also part of the clause. In other words he could have stolen a billion dollars under the PNDC regime and still be indemnified by the very law he foisted into the constitution. Although I have no clear cut proof of this sort of thievery happening, I believe prior to the 4th Republic, whiles uncertain about the outcome of the '92 election, (although he knew he was going to steal the election anyway) coupled with his knowledge of being indemnified by the constitution, he stole millions of dollars. You say no! Come on Kwadwo, this is weak. How do you come up with something like that? If that is the question, then with all due respect it is a stupid one, because the answer is why wouldn't he, when he knew the constitution indemnifies him from prosecution. That explains his wealth today. His devotees who have the penchant propensity of mangling the Queens English on this forum continues to believe otherwise. Their gullibility and naivety stretches beyond credulity. So this man child has become a cult figure to them.

You see the problem here is none other than the constitution. We have a sham document that serves as a body of fundamental principles by which our nation is governed. This document was drafted on the lap of Rawlings under the supervision of his hand picked men who rubber stamped every demand of his. If you have a copy of the constitution go to the last page, there you'll see his name as the sole signatory to this governing document of ours instead of the people of Ghana. No wonder this moron thinks he is the founder of the 4th Republic. He picks up the constitution festooned with his fingerprints by virtue of his appendage name to the document, and he thinks Ghana is his property, hence his idiosyncratic mannerisms of entitlement. Folks, what is happening in Ghana is not to be taken lightly at all. And what ails me no end is the incompetence being displayed by the legislative branch of our government. Their lack of parliamentary acumen is very disappointing. You don't have to be a legal luminary to know there are flaws in our constitution, and for them to act as if all is fine and dandy shows the danger we are in.

As long as this moron lives, and as long as this sham document continues to legitimize this criminal whiles serving as the constitution, this so called democracy of ours is a disaster waiting to happen. As I have said before, Kenyan riots which took place a couple of years ago, will pale in comparison compared to what looms on the horizon for us as Ghanaians. That is why there is relentless pursuit on the part of yours truly, as well as contributors on this forum to pluck out this thorn in the side of our democracy, by exposing the rabbit trails of this man child who eats his cake and wants it back. The antidote is to get rid of this sham constitution which makes this mental midget think he is entitled, and it will take the courageous act of parliament to pull it off.

Kwadwo Poku N Y

Columnist: Poku, Kwadwo

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