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Rawlings Cannot Refuse to Declare his Income Tax Report

History will justify that Jerry John Rawlings who has formally accused the nation’s top military officers of securing fifty thousand cedis bank loans, has refuse to declare his income tax. These aforementioned officers were murdered for unjustified reasons that they have taking loans from Ghana commercial banks.

These individuals were libel as criminals by Rawlings, who has now rebuff to declare his income tax report to Ghanaians; thinks that he will go out Scott-free without announce his taxes.

Rawlings, who killed these officers, is now refusing to declare his asserts on his income tax returns to the public. These officers, who were murdered by Rawlings, none of them, including their wives had any secret accounts in any foreign countries. Rawlings and his wife has secret account in South Africa and some where in Europe are still alive today and enjoy life with his children. This individual had brought four bullet proof. SUV’S and had refused to tell Ghanaians where he secured the funds to purchase these vehicles. Rawlings lies to Ghanaians that the vehicles were gifts that was given to him by unnamed person which he hasn’t declare on his income tax. Rawlings should fully understand that Ghanaians are not knuckle headed like him as he think he can tell Ghanaians, do what I say but don’t do what I do. It was his N.D.C. administration that passed the income tax bill into law in Ghana. Now he has refused to declare his income tax. As a result of Rawlings criminal behaviors the government must show piece it crusade against questionable tax shelters. Thus the attorney general should appoint a special prosecutor to indict Jerry Rawlings and his wife Kwanadu Agyeman Rawlings on charges of conspiracy, fraud, and tax evasion in creating and refusing to declare his asserts on his income tax. Ladies and gentleman, we all should look at the current Nigerian president (Umaru Yar Ardua), the honest man who has declare his income tax and his asserts since he was a governor till now. He has set the tone for Rawlings and Kufuor and others to follow. Many Ghanaians do not understand the tax system in Ghana. As a member of board of director in our company, we paid our taxes quarterly in Ghana as the law requires. Before one can do business in Ghana one has to provide his or her income tax clearance certificate.

Rawlings, the multi billionaire who still lives on Ghanaians tax payers’ money, needs to declare his income tax. In America all former presidents, including the sitting president’s are obligated to declare assets on their income tax report every year. If underclass people are paying their tax’s and others who had companies are paying their tax in Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings needs to pay his tax and stop its foolishness in Ghana. Ghanaians had enough from this monster.

In addition, many Ghanaians do not believe that the NDC’S founder and leader Jerry Rwalings is the one who often initiates the violence and harassments within the NDC’S party. ET Mensah is the one who carries out all the maneuvers, all the operation’s of Rawlings dirty work within the NDC and out side.

The Interior minister and the attorney general should inform the BNI agency to monitor ET Mensah the NDC parliamentarian member on the hit man crimes that are going on currently in Ghana. This individual have the tendency of organize such crimes during the NDC error; ET Mensah always go to the Kanda 499 organize criminals to go to Kumasi during election time and cause atrocities. ET Mensah was the master planners behind NDC youth organize plots which he has recently denied. Stay toned for more stories on ET Mensah.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi