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Rawlings Diarrhea Of The Mouth Morphs To Lunacy

Dr. Kwadwo Poku On Call.

For the past couple of months I've volunteered my precious time treating the foot in

mouth disease of the unrepentant wastrel, and to tell you the truth it hasn't been

easy, especially dealing with a patient so devoid of common sense, and wouldn't

follow daily regiments of medications. But just when I thought I had this contagious

disease under control, a sudden burst of spontaneous defecation erupts from the pig

of the cultic moron, hence his continuous excretion of pillaging the presidency of

Atta Mills. His recent rampage of attacks on the Mills administration is indicative

of his diarrhea of the mouth mutating into the cauldrons of his gumption. His

ignorance of law and order, makes me wonder how we us a nation allowed such an empty

barrel rule for nearly 2 decades.

This buffoon whose foot in mouth disease has now become an Attention Deficit

Syndrome, had the stones to pontificate on the the subject of election fraud. In

1979 with AK-47 in hand, he ordered the doctoring of the election in favour of

Limann. In both '92 and '96 elections, this eczema tattooed political has been,

whose bloated stomach could use a bit of deflation, had his hand picked electoral

commissioner - Dr. Afari Gyan fix the elections in his favour. (thanks to Mr. Craig

Murray the former deputy British commissioner, this once ruminated revelation is now

documented history. It's now left for Dr Afari Gyan to have the fearless gusto to

tell us why he acquiesced). So you see, for this man child whose pungent stench

stings to the high heavens to dabble in flatulence, stretches beyond credulity. It

is very risible to hear him accuse anyone of fraud. The Rawlings of yesteryears

would have murdered the corruption infested Rawlings of today. The Generals he put

to death never approximated the level of corruption he attained in his dictatorial

tenure. Their crime was mismanagement, incompetence, not knowing how to govern,

that's it. They did not amass wealth to themselves. Ask Rawlings where he had the

hundreds of thousands of dollars in educating his children abroad, and he will

blatantly say his friends funded them. Ask him the source of his wealth, and he will

say it came from a $350 monthly stipends he received during his tenure. Folks, the

sad reality is that, his gullible and bewitched devotees believe this cock and bull


The problem here is non other than the constitution. He wakes up in the morning,

sees his appended name on the constitution and he thinks he is the father of our

Republic. This constitution is not tenable, and until the nation comes to grips of

knowing that this criminal has been legitimized by this perfunctory document which

was drafted on his lap, we might as well forget about democracy and continue to

endure the stench of his defecates . Kwaku Baako hit the nail on it's head when he

said he should thank God history has favoured him. What this cross breed is doing

will never happen in any African country.

The stupidity of his followers of whom the vast majority are themselves battling

grammar deficiency syndrome on this forum have allowed this mental midget to pester

our democracy. With his foot in mouth disease, he continues to stoke tribal tensions

by fanning the flames of the Ewe- Ashanti divide. This divide never existed until

this twerp imposed himself on us. After the warnings of columnist, that the brewing

political/tribal tensions engineered by this menace has the potential of paling in

comparison to Kenyan riots, the chairman of CHRAJ has now jumped on the same

assertion, but sited Rwanda in lieu of Kenya. This is what happens when democracy is

built on a baseless foundation.

With verbal dexterity and writing tablet medications, yours truly have been able to

avoid a contagion of this diarrhea of the mouth. As I alluded earlier, his disease

has morphed to lunacy, so my colleague Dr. Justice Sarpong of Texas will take over.

Dr. sarpong is a specialist in political lunacy, he is also the author of many

articles on this forum. In his recent piece; Rawlings, Your Problem Is Sickness,

without physically examining the unrepentant wastrel, he was able to diagnose his

Attention Deficit Syndrome with pin point precision. So I say to Dr. Sarpong; The

nation is looking up to you, to take good care of this man child who eats his cake

and wants it back.

Kwadwo Poku N Y

Columnist: Poku, Kwadwo

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