Opinions Sat, 23 Oct 2010

Rawlings, Ghana’s albatross

I have silently followed the exploits of JJ Rawlings since his term as president expired. His actions, utterances, demeanor, and general comportment has led me to this conclusion: Rawlings thinks and acts like Ghana owes him or he owes Ghana. As expected, he was a thorn in the flesh of Kuffour and his NPP administration. Boom-boom speeches, nonsensical and boorish utterances were his hallmarks while in opposition. While Kuffour was no saint and the actions of Rawlings may have been warranted, the manner of delivery and the drama surrounding the delivery did not befit an ex-president. If nothing, Kuffour deserves to be insulted (possibly castrated) for re-appointing Dr. Richard “Boinking for Ghana” Anane as transport minister. That is another story for another time. Back to Efo Rawlings.

Fast forward to 2009/2010 and NDC is back in power. Professor John Atta Mills, a man who served as vice president under Rawlings is the president. What are we witnessing? Rawlings and his wife supported by sycophants like Fake (Dr.) Spio Garbrah are moving heaven and earth to undermine the humble professor. While Rawlings was expected to criticize Kuffour and NPP for being on the opposite side of the political divide, his actions in terms of Mills is hard to understand. They belong to the same party and Rawlings practically handed Mills the nomination and presidency. Maybe Rawlings in his warped mentality was expecting to be co-president with Mills with Obaapa also acting as co-vice president. They thought they will be transported back to the gory good old days when their word was law. Those days when Rawlings sneezed and Ghanaians caught cold are over. The days of bullying and slapping everyone in sight including Vice President Arkaah are over. Sorry Jerry!

The only rational explanation one can fathom is that Rawlings wishes he was still in power and president for life. The good times he and his wife Obaapa enjoyed while in office ended prematurely; shackled by constitutional constraints. Something Rawlings never believed in. The days of the Bokassas, Eyademas, Mobutos, Abachas, etc have long passed. Remnants like “Brother” and Akonta Mugabe are marking time, waiting for death to claim them. The earlier the Rawlings’s accept this simple truth and either support Atta Mills or leave him in peace to manage the affairs of the nation, the better for them.

Unfortunately, with sycophants like Fake (Dr.) Spio continuing to sing the praises of the Rawlings, their sense of entitlements will forever remain. Ghanaians have forgiven his murderous rages in the 70s and 80s but will not overlook his crass and bullying behavior in the 2000s. I end this short piece with this ode to Rawlings and his wife.

J. J. Rawlings

Sucked Ghana dry like an angry Vampire

Lording over Ghanaians as a mean Umpire

In his twisted mind Ghana is his empire

Devouring like an out of control bonfire

Prima donna with evil desire

Sorry jerk, you created this quagmire

Your end in hell an unquenchable fire

J. J. Rawlings

Devoured Ghana like a mangy lice

Gorging on poor Ghanaians while in office

Shamelessly stuffing every pore and orifice

Fueled by Ntampi ever present in his chalice

Slapping and beating Arkaah his vice

Butt ugly Obaapa his lover and accomplice

A face like medusa her just edifice

J. J. Rawlings

Gorged on Ghana like a scabby Vulture

Ignoring our vaunted Ghanaian culture

That teaches respect for elders and nature

Milking and looting in gleeful rapture

Lout and thug who will never mature

You covert, steal, kill, and torture

Burning in hell is in your near future

J. J. Rawlings

Feasted on Ghana like a hungry platoon

Envying Ghanaians born with a silver spoon

You are nothing but a reprehensible goon

Pugnacious and vile like a rabid raccoon

Foolhardy and dimwitted like a baby baboon

Your bloated neck on a block very soon

To Nsawam to be hanged this very noon

Okofrompa Asantiniba Kwame Appiah

Columnist: Appiah, Okofrompa Asantiniba Kwame