Rawlings, How Can A Dummy Identify Intelligent People?

Sun, 5 Jun 2011 Source: Sarpong, Justice

Rawlings as usual lived up to his reputation of making boom speeches. During

the celebration of the 32nd anniversary of the June 4th Movement which Rawlings

played a second fiddle in its execution. This man who has elevated himself to

godly status in Ghana and feels like he is above the law has no qualms

insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians by saying this;

"In condemning President Mills’ governance style, Mr. Rawlings admitted that

the PNDC and NDC 1 which he was the leader made a mistake by not identifying

intelligent, brilliant and smart people to take over the reins of power from his


What is Rawlings saying? Efo Rawlings, the choice of who have to succeed you at

that time was not your call. Ghanaians decided to vote for candidate Kuffour to

be their President and after his eight years rule, the same electorates elected

a University Professor to rule Ghana and you, Mr Rawlings who couldn't even pass

your "O" levels is telling the electorates they were stupid in choosing these

two gentlemen who have excelled academically more than you as imbeciles.

Rawlings as usual resorted to his leitmotif of accusing Presidents Kuffour and

Mills of litany of crimes that he is famous for;Kleptomania and murders.

Rawlings did not unveil anything new as we expected and delivered his usual

profanity laced tirades at Kuffour and Mills, his favorite targets at the

moment. How can this "O" level failure demand accountability from others when he

has refused to subject himself to the same standard by hiding behind the

indemnity clause?

Rawlings has to realise that, his vindictive self-serving serendipity antics

have no more effect on Ghanaians and the modicum of respect he still have

amongst some NDC bigoted supporters is about to be lost when he and his Jezebel

wife are defeated at the NDC congress in July. Rawlings has been 'convicted' by

the verdict of Ghanaians for murdering hundreds, if not thousands is infamous

and intestable during his 19 years murderous rule.

I find it really insulting when Rawlings who has overplayed his hands stand in

a podium and insult Ghanaian voters as being not intelligent. This man sees

himself as the only intelligent Ghanaian who can solve the myriad of problems

facing the nation despite his 19 years in power that did not see any

significant change in the lives of Ghanaians. He is trying to rule Ghana again

through his wife and that will not happen because the harm he did in his `19

years administration is still reverberating in our lives and we are more

intelligent than this "O" level failure will ever be. Efo Rawlings, we don't

need a dummy as the only person to have the right to tell Ghanaians who should

be our leader and if you are planning another coup if your wife fails to win the

NDC slot for the Presidential candidacy, then better advise yourself because

this is not 1979 or 1981, we will be ready for your coup and you will regret

for your Quixotic endeavour.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice