Opinions Sun, 30 Oct 2011

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Rawlings Is A Farce, Just Like Khadafy.

It is ridiculous to read that Rawlings – Champion of transparency and accountability - is complaining when transparency and accountability is required of him. What is wrong with Ghanaians knowing about his entitlements? After all, his emoluments are funded by Ghanaian tax payers and we have the right to know. Isn’t he the same person who mounts podiums at Legon telling students that the Ghana Government has done nothing for him? Now that we have been made to know what the Government is doing for him, he is angry about it because it proves to Ghanaians and Legon students that Rawlings is a liar.

Rawlings demands transparency and accountability of all Ghanaians except of himself. Rawlings killed people whose friends helped them to succeed financially, yet he accepted economic assistance from his “FRIENDS” for the education of his children and the purchase of six bullet-proof SUVs and wants to continue living – friends he refuses to divulge. Khadafy style - “Use the people, especially the youth, leave them dirt poor and unemployed, shift the blame to others and live in OPULENCE. People power, yet only one person and his family and friends enjoy the national cake: “My people love me all, they love me.” Wait until you see that theo LOVE YOU TO DEATH like Khadafy. Rawlings is a Hypocrite and must know that his days are numbered. He always uses the young and innocent to advance his own quest for RICHES. He used the youth to catapult himself to the presidency, failed to create any social programmes to upgrade the lives of the youth he used as his support base, but rather used the opportunity to enhance his and his family’s well-being, yet he has the audacity to criricize Mills and Kufuor. If Rawlings had created jobs to employ the youth during his 20-year rule, Ghana’s youth unemployment will not be what it is today for him to complain about. It is time for Rawlings to SHUT UP. Rawlings is very much like Khadafy - you are arrested if you take a picture of his house at Ajirigano. He might end up like Khadafy, if he continues to think that he can cow Ghanaians by his SHOUTING. He wanted to create a dynastic rule by encouraging his wife to try to ascend to the presidency and eventually create a political path for his daughters to follow, but Ghanaians are WISER. We have had enough of the buffoonery of Rawlings. Rawlings is now a political prostitute supporting his avowed enemies, the NPP. He is now a political nonentity by taking such a naïve action simply because of his selfishness. Rawlings does not own Ghana and Ghanaians, and he must stop hallucinating about that. He is not the only one who can rule Ghana. In fact if it were not through the GUN, with the help of Boakye Gyan and Akatapore, Rawlings would never have been president and confined to the consumption of YOKOGARI for life. Rawlings is finished as a politician and he must acknowledge it. We are tired of his peevishness. He must stop crying in public.

Dr. Kwasi Asamoah

Columnist: Asamoah, Kwasi

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