Rawlings Never Dies – Foot Soldiers and the Police Make him Stronger

Tue, 1 Jun 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Whenever I bury my face in my palm cogitating about the disastrous rapidity or

frequency at which Ghana's human right laws are being infringed upon under President

Mills' administration, tears well up in my eyes. Most often have tears trickled down

my cheeks into my palm and on to the floor. The question I always ask myself after

going through such emotional state is, "Am I that overly humane?" One may not care

as long as they are not personally affected by the rampant abuses of power but that

is not my nature. For me, I care. I see any Ghanaian or human being as either a

brother or a sister. And having that quality of ever ready to be of service to

humanity within me, I always volunteer to help the needy as and when my assistance

is required. I have to be of service to my people same as preached and practiced by

St. Aquinas.

I consider the following instances among numerous others as flagrant chronological

abuses of human rights and trust under the President "Asomdwehene cum I care for

you" Mills' administration. My question to him is, "What are you doing, Mr.

President, to bring about sanity to the country as most are those whose liberties

are being trampled upon in Ghana by your brazen NDC foot-soldiers?"

A supposed whistleblower who alerted the nation to the malfeasance committed by a

Minister for Youth and Sports, Alhaji Muntaka the Diapers, was not only obliged to

proceed on leave but harassed by some NDC activists and foot-soldiers. The Mr.

Whistleblower ended up being castigated and ostracized by his work colleagues and

the NDC government for blowing the lid off the then ongoing atrocious underhand

dealings engaged in by Muntaka. He was "chopping" (as may be expressed by a Ghanaian

to mean embezzling funds in double portions of "waawaa") the tax payers money;

spending it on his girlfriend and her child. How did he end up being called Alhaji

Muntaka the Diapers? This is a home assignment for you, my dear reader.

A lady alleges to have been raped twice or thrice by an "Ayigbe" army Captain (Rtd)

at gun point. She was clever enough to obtain the necessary supporting proof. She

captured the image of this monster-rapist on her digital camera while he had fallen

deep asleep snoring like a pig, after he had satisfied his libido before lodging a

complaint with the Tema police against him. As if by the twist of fate, and

hypnotized with that "nyebro" fear factor, the young lady was rather arrested,

charged, handcuffed and driven in a police van to the Police Headquarters in Accra.

She was accused of disgracing an army officer probably because he is a "nyebro", a

fearful and almighty member of "yen aban na aba" sycophancy. The young lady who has

been forced not only against her will but under the threat of being gunned down to

sleep with a shameless depraved ex-army Captain is now to be arraigned before the

court as the accused but not the accuser. Has justice been

shoved up the ass of a mighty human monster in Ghana?

One Nana Darkwah, my Kumawuman kinsmen, alleges that the Almighty, Omnipresent and

Omniscient Togbe Avaklasu J.J. Rawlings did torch his own house. Barely had he

alleged as stated, when a macho man in the person of Kofi Adams, the Spokesperson of

Former President J.J. Rawlings had him arrested. Nana Darkwah was handcuffed and

forced into a waiting police van with the usual concurring presence, screaming and

aggressive posturing of the NDC bootlickers egging the police and Kofi Adams on.

Nana Darkwah, the accuser, was by the feeble legal understanding of the police,

found as the accused. He was charged under the Criminal justice code 208 -

"Publishing false statement likely to spread fear and harm in public". Did Rawlings

ever get interviewed as to how his residence came to burn? No. A lot has been

written about this particular case so I will at this instance spare the police and

the Judge the rod. They are simply incompetent and do things the "Ghana

dee saa" way. They will never compare to, or catch up with the style, intelligent,

fair and honest way the Whites go about dispensing justice. Is this not the reason

why Africans are always ridiculed by the Whites? It could be.

Finally, one guy going by the nickname "High Priest" was reduced to a rank far below

that of a "Low Priest" by the police who as usual were dancing to the tune of the

NDC yobs. This guy had said he could perceive a semblance of a chimpanzee in a

poster bearing the photo of President Atta Mills. Hardly had he uttered this in an

argument with a NDC radio programme panellist who had disparaged Nana Akuffo-Addo

when the chanting NDC foot-soldiers baring their chest and gnashing their teeth

gathered, calling for a pint of his blood and a pound of his flesh. The Police once

more charged him with similar stupid charge as brought against Nana Darkwah but this

time under Criminal Justice Code Section 207. It took the timely intervention of

President Mills for the police to drop any charges against this man.

Saying you can see the image of one in a picture as an ape does not constitute a

crime. It does not constitute an act of defamation of character. When someone says

"you look like an ape/chimpanzee", it is not the same thing as saying, "you are an

ape/chimpanzee or you act like an ape/chimpanzee" As one of the statements could

libellous, the other is not. You can look like a thief without being one and you

can be a thief without looking like one. Being a thief is a crime but looking like

one is not.

In a nutshell, I want to reiterate that the NDC hooliganism as manifested on daily

basis is a weapon being wielded to sabotage President Mills. By their untoward

mobbism, they do render President Mills weaker and weaker by the day. Mr. Mills is

left to react instead of being proactive. He always has to persuade these mini

tyrants who are towing the footsteps of "I don't fear hoo" Togbe Avaklasu Rawlings

to behave themselves in responsible manner.

The NDC activists or foot-soldiers are practicing double-standards. Whatever a NPP

person does is wrong and he/she must be molested but whatever one of their kind does

is right regardless. They have by their apparent stupidity infected the sensibility

of the Law enforcement agents in Ghana. The police currently seem to work in tandem

with the NDC foot-soldiers. The more stupid the foot-soldiers become, the sillier

the police get. The police see sense in whatever the swollen-headed foot-soldiers

do. This is sad enough.

Rawlings is organizing the celebration of his 4th June 1979 uprising slated for

Tamale, the 2nd bastion of the NDC sycophancy. These actions of Rawlings without

legal support but rather national condemnation constitute a crime if the police and

the lawless NDC foot-soldiers care to know. May I ask if the police have given him

permission to go public with his nonsensical June 4th Coup d'état celebration which

but invokes the pain in many people who suffered various forms of atrocities

masterminded and perpetrated by Rawlings? If his actions as executed were all

genuine and glitter as gold, why then has he sought refuge in Constitutional cocoon?

He is very much aware of the evilness of his governments both military and civilian

yet, he proceeds year on year celebrating the June 4th and the 31st December

uprisings. To Rawlings, I say, "Do not open up warts or old wounds because they

hurt" To the Ghana law enforcement agents I say, " Be discerning when

you are applying the laws in order not to ridicule yourselves as novice in the law.

Cease playing double-standards" For if of all the four situational cases stated

above there was any genuine arrest sanctioned by law to effect; it should be none

of them but the unmentioned Rawlings and the senseless NDC yobs.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson