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Rawlings Should Have 'Wasted' Boakye Djan

By Kwadwo Poku

One of my favorite contributing commentators to this forum by name Pelicles, was right when he commented in some time past, that sometimes one has to avoid this forum to prevent a soaring blood pressure. When I read that Boakye Djan had pledged to dedicate the rest of his miserable life to help secure improved living standards for Ghanaians, I quickly remembered the astute commentator's advice and switched off my PC. He also went on to beckon his partner in crime to use his charismatic gifting to help him win a Parliamentary seat. What an about face from this sorry man! Is this not the same man who in a recent interview challenged Rawlings to distinguish between a military rule and a constitutional rule, and further more insinuating that Rawlings has a penchant for coups? And now he needs his help on the campaign trail? What a miserable failure this buffoon is.

Folks, to tell you the truth when I hear the Boakye Djan's and the Baah Achemfuor's pontificate on the subject of Ghanaian politics, I wish Rawlings had 'wasted' their lives so they wouldn't be alive today to remind us of the horrible past by their irritating pronouncements. I know we are a forgiving people, but how do we forgive when there's been no admission of guilt but rather justifications after justifications of the '79 coup by these criminals. This piece would not be necessary if all the players of the '79 coup had apologize to the nation for interrupting a democratic process on cruise control. As a result of the actions of Boakye Djan and his boys, we had to endure the criminal acts of Rawlings for 19 yrs and his current status as an existential pest in the vine of our democracy. Now this man whose architectural stupidity thrusted his subordinate into the chairmanship of the AFRC by the unnecessary coup of June 4th 1979 wants to be an MP? What a country! Are we deficient of poltical leaders so much so that this treasonist should be allowed to insult our democracy by daring to contest for a seat in Parliament?

When Limann took over in Sept. of '79 he gave all the members of the AFRC $100,000 dollars each with the exception of Rawlings who had more. Whether Limann gave them the money voluntarily or they demanded it as a prerequisite for handing over power, we don't know, but the question we all have to ask is; What did they do to have deserved such lofty pay offs from the months of June '79 - Sept. '79. Let me remind you that $100,000 in 1979 is about $600,000 in today's economy. So did these criminals who were motivated by greed for money and hatred towards their superiors (which was born out of tribalism) deserve such amounts for three months of inflicting pain on a seemingly potential sovereign nation? Are you kidding me?

If this enemy of our state wants to effect change in our political discussions, there are three things he needs to do. First he needs to acknowledge his current status as a criminal, set loosed by a sham constitution. Second, he needs to apologize to the nation for interrupting the democratic process that loomed on the horizon for Ghanaians in' 79 as well as the families of the innocent victims of the '79 coup and finally he needs to return the $100,000 he milked from the nation. Anything shy of these will not be accepted. As it stands right now, he remains an opportunistic criminal trying to make ends meet by taking advantage of a gullible people. And its so sad that after all these years, political illiteracy still abounds in our nation. When other countries are getting rid of their political criminals, with outstretched arms we continue to embrace ours into the political fold. What a morbid outlook on our Republic!

Kwadwo Poku N Y

Columnist: Poku, Kwadwo

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