Rawlings Was Right, As NPP’s Corruption Stench Was Unbearable

Mon, 23 Dec 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Rawlings Was Right, As NPP’s Corruption Stench Was Unbearable In Ghana.

The NPP government fell under the weight of its corrupt activities like the Bambagate, CNTCI loans, The Telenor agreement, the free Zones Board Corruption scandal, TMA, AMA, Castle Renovation. Ghana Airways, Valco, IFC See ‘’ Daily Guide’’ 10th December, 2013. Ex – President Kufour knew all the people who were involved in it because he himself was their Leader, so Rawlings hit the nail right on the head, and the SMELLY PRESS of the NPP led by ‘’Daily Guide’’ has jumped to the defense of Kufuor as usual since that bias news paper is the mouth piece of the violent prone NPP. Ex President Kufour did NOTHING about the corruption stench that had engulfed his government from 2001 – 2008.

Ghanaians want a President who will seriously fight corruption in both HIGH and Low places as the PNDC and NDC 1 under Jerry Rawlings did between 1982 – 1992 up to the year 200. We are however happy that the current President, His Excellency John Mahama is doing just that. We want a President who will strengthen EOCO, BNI, CID and CHRAJ as well as other investigative bodies and allow them to do their work without any interference from the Executive. Ex – President Kufuor and his NPP government failed us completely in that regard for 8 years.

Kufuor’s inability to fight corruption had improvised most Ghanaians for 8 years. Apart from his NPP members and Ghanaians will remember Kufuor not as a former President for all, but a President for NPP loyalists and an assortment of players in an orchestra hurting the ears of the population with a cacophony of unrehearsed bad mouthing for 8 good years.

Ex – President Kufuor had the full support of the SMELLY PRESS as well as the electronic media where 98% of them supported the violent prone NPP but the late man of peace, Professor J.E.A Mills beat them with over 300,000 votes in the second round in 2009 and Nana Akuffo Addo, Presidential candidate of the NPP and also the tribal war lord on war path NEVER accepted defeat in 2009 and did not congratulate the late President until his death.

You see, corruption breeds poverty, hunger, bitterness and hopelessness and that was why the NPP was booted out of office in 2009 and when they tried to come back in 2012, Ghanaians again rejected them.

Not satisfied, they petitioned the Supreme Court, hoping to pass through the back door to install Nana Akuffo Addo as President of Ghana but their petition was again dismissed – so they are so bitter and hungry for power that once they (NPP) are not in power then the NDC is ‘’corrupt’’ incompetent, and insensitive to the plight of the people and what nots according to them. Yet, if the yard stick of June 4 is to be used to measure the assets, and life styles of all government appointees and all NPP former Ministers and their Party executives today 2013, 98% of NPP members would be the first to cross the nearest border into the Republic of Togo while 2% of NDC appointees follow suit because they have spent only four months in office since the Supreme Court ruled that the President was validly elected on 29th August, 2012, so real official work started in September, 2013 – period. You either take it or leave it, but that is the stubborn truth. Yes, Rawlings rightly accused Ex – Prez Kufuor, but because it is TRUE Kufuor only told Ghanaians NOT TO MIND HIM (RAWLINGS). How sad, Kufuor has nothing to say because he himself supervised corruption in Ghana for 8 years in the name of Property Owning Democracy. See his response in the 11th December, 2013 edition of Daily Guide.


A book entitled: Who Collapsed Ashanti Gold Fields Company Now AGA Ltd?

Author: Comrade Clement Sangaparee, who worked in that mine from 13th August, 1973 to 21st December, 2003 – 30 good years.

Highlights – A former President gave Power of Attorney To A Former CEO of AGA to revamp the company – Was the money used for that purpose? Did the mine grow or fall? The answer will be provided in that book. No good book can be written without the efforts of others. It is normally the collaboration of the efforts of several individuals who sometimes decide to remain anonymous. I decided to write this book and give a brief but good insight into the once giant company called AGC LTD now AGA Ltd and to tell readers whether it is a Multi national Mining Giant or a Giant Political Organization located in Obuasi between 1979 – 2004 when the Company was sold to AngloGold Ashanti by the NPP government led by Mr. Sam Jonah, one of the biggest financers of the NPP from 1992 to date. It will be recalled that Jonah had been INSECURE ever since J.J. Rawlings became the elected President of Ghana in the fourth Republic. Jonah therefore felt a sigh of relief when his comrade – in – tongue Mr. J. A. Kufuor won the 2000 election by default in December, 2000 and became President of Ghana on January 7th 2001. Kufuor and Jonah put their heads together and sold the 20% Golden Share of the Ghana Government to AngloGold Ashanti and both men were then Knighted by Britain. Yes, in 1957, we said the white men were bad, so we drove them away after Independence and now, the Black White Men have taken over and they are now worse, so where do we go from here? The NPP is a self serving party. Therefore, if you are hungry and you read that book you will be satisfied, if you are thirsty too, it will quench your thirst after reading it. However if you hate the TRUTH, you will commit suicide after reading it as it is very factual, and accurate. You will then carry it along with you to wherever you go. Keep your fingers crossed and expect that book in the 2014 if nothing bad happens. . I am done. ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii’’ – Aluta Continua!







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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement