Rawlings, Where Are Your Comrades Since 1982 To Date 2012?

Thu, 12 Jul 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Former Chairman Rawlings, Where Are Your Comrades Since 1982 To Date 2012? – Part 1

Military Force is what is left when a NATION’S POLITICAL GOALS can not be achieved by NON-VIOLENT MEANS. It is simply a confession of COMPLETE FAILURE on the part of that country’s politicians.

After 16 years of Civil War in Angola due to power struggle, over 400,000 Angolans die and estimated 500,000 people were rendered completely homeless. In Africa, we have so many political chameleons who always entrench themselves on the throne by always keeping their messages fuzzy.


Most African countries had and still have Poverty, Instability Disease, Illiteracy and Corruption. This is what I mean by the word PIDIC, and it had been spreading and is still spreading like a wild fire in the so-called democratic countries in the whole African continent.

Trade Liberaliasation cost Sub-saharan Africa $272 billion dollars over the past 20 years and had they not BEEN FORCED TO LIBERALISE as the price for AID, LOANS and DEBT RELIEF, Africa countries would have had enough extra income to WIPE OUT their DEBTS and have sufficient income left over to pay for every SCHOOL CHILD to be VACCINATED and go to school.

These loses have dwarfed the $40 billion worth of the so-called DEBT RELIEF at the G8 summit in Gleneagles some 3 years ago. The African continent have been divided politically, economically and socially by Western countries whose expired hard wares like vehicles, refrigerators, televisions, electric irons and even their rags which Africans describe as second hand clothes are exported to Africa and we rush and fall over each other for them. How sad. Were Africans Not wearing their own clothes before the white men came? If yes, what are these nonsense and disrespect shown to Africans by these blue eyed long noses from the West? Despite all the bloody civil wars in Africa, despite all the revolutions in Africa, corruption is in its worst form in the body politic of the Continent today – why? It can simply NOT BE ERADICATED because corruption is as OLD AS ADAM, apologies to ex-president J.A. Kufour who stated that he would not sack his corrupt ministers and destroy his NPP government. He left them and they removed all the official files from the various Ministries away to their various homes on leaving office in Jan. 2009. The NDC took over power and had never been able to prosecute a single former NPP Minister in court because these ex-ministers have stolen all the official files that will incriminate them away with impunity – why? The NPP which is a tribal grouping falsely claim that Ghana belong to them more than any other TRIBE


“No government might exist for the PURPOSE OF CHECKING THE PROSPERITY OF ITS PEOPLE OR TO ALLOW SUCH A PRINCIPLE IN ITS POLICY. This has been the policy of the Danquah /Busia Tradition which the NPP represent today 2012. On the country, Rawlings had allowed such a principle to exist in the AFRC and PNDC regimes right until his time as the civilian president of Ghana for 8 good years and beyond. It is a fact that the PNDC was the only government which stopped corruption and reduced it to 1% drastically from 1982 – 1989. This is a fact, somebody should prove me wrong here.

Jerry Rawlings’ comrades who are in their thousands have abandoned him completely because he is too strict on so many issues which he always want to force down the throats of these people, and I can bet my last pesewa that some of these comrades of Rawlings would drink their heads off if he should die unfortunately – God forbid.


The PNDC under Rawlings appointed intellectual patriosi like the following people

1. Professor Kwamena Ahwoi 32. Pe Rowland Ayagitam

2. Ato Ahwoi 33. Mr. Peter Nanfuri (Former IGP)

3. Kwesi Ahwoi 34. Mr. Kofi Bentum Quantson – Security expert

4. Professor Britwum 35. Mr. C.K. Mawunjega

5. Dr. Kofi Awoonor 36. Mr. Yaw Akrasi Sarpong

6. Dr. Yao, Asmaoah – the longest serving foreign minister & Attorney General

7. Djoe Ajaho 37. Mr. Otu Essel

8. Daniel Ohene Agyekum 38. Mr. George Agyekum

9. Mr. Totobi Quakye 39. Dr. Kwabena Agyei

10. Dr. Tony Aidoo 40. Mr. Sam Pee Yaaley

11. Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu 41. Mr. Kojo Nyamege Marfo

12. Alhaji Huudu Yahaya 42. Dr. Nuamah Donor

13. Mr. Martin Amidu 43. Mr. Yiele Cliveh

14. Mr. Kwame Peprah 44. Col (rtd) E.M. Oseiwu

15. Mr. Ibrahim Adam 45. General Arnold Quainoo

16. Dr. Joshua Aryee 46. Brigadier Nunoo Bensah

17. Rojo Mettle Nunoo 47. Major Courage Quashiga who foiled the June 19th 1983 coup de’tat against the PNDC

18. Nana Ato Dadzie 48. Brigadier Tehnn Addy

19. Hon. E.T. Mensah 49. Dr. Yao Graham

20. Hon. Cletus Avoka 50. Mrs. Joana Appiah Dwomo

21. Hon. Lionel Molbilla 51. Mr. Goosie Tannoh

22. Captain (rtd) Kojo Tsikata 52. Mr. Sam Garbo

23. Mr. Fui Tsikata 53. Dr. Debaaga

24. Mrs. Ama Beyiwa Doe 54. Mr. Austin Game

25. Mrs. Aanaa Ennin 55. Dr. Kwesi Botchway

26. Dr. May Grant 56. Mr. Yaw Donkor – Current BNI Boss

27. Mrs. Valery Sackey 57. Mr. Harry Sawyer

28. Mrs. Cecilia Johnson 58. Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia

29. Madam Sherry Ayitey 59. Mr. Kojo Mahama Adam

30. Nii Okaigya Adamafio

31. Nana Akuako Sarpong

60. Mr. P.V. Obeng respectively among thousands of professionals, security operatives and cadres whose names can not be mentioned here for lack of space because I will be writing 4 encyclopedias if I should write all their names.

61. Professor John Evans Atta Mills – President of the Republic of Ghana and the First gentleman of Ghana.

62. Mr. John Dramani Mahama, Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and the second gentleman of Ghana.

What are your relationship with all these patriotic men and women who made you what you are today since the PNDC era to date 2012?

Because of your extreme frosty relations with President Mills who have decided to remain silent, you have introduced politics of Frustration, Confusion and Uncertainty into the NDC since 2009 when the party formed a government. Where are you taking the NDC to? Nobody wants to go back to opposition in 2012, so kindly put the past behind you no matter how bitter and campaign for President. Mills because it was you (Rawlings) who imposed him on the NDC in 1996 by force, so it will be most UNFAIR for you to leave him in the middle of the road and ask for his replacement. I sincerely hope you will treat this article with the seriousness it deserves. I am done. Aluta continua: “Jaanbie Iwaii.”




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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement