Rawlings, Where Are Your Former Comrades

Fri, 27 Jul 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Former Chairman Rawlings, Where Are Your Former Comrades (Since 1982 To Date 2012? Final part)

In 1996, a 5 star Hotel which was built by a certain Alhaji in Accra was demolished completely by the NDC government under the alleged instructions of President Rawlings according to wild allegations that were spreading like fire at that time.

The said Hotel was valued over 5 million U.S. dollars and in a typical military style, the well furnished hotel had all its air conditioners, refrigerators, beds and bed sheets, corrugated iron sheets, fans, gas cookers, fence wall, iron gates and what have you, destroyed completely and not a PIN was removed from that expensive plush hotel in Accra that year at all. The government issued a statement that the said hotel was built on a water way. It was later revealed that the said Hotel belonged to Mr. Sam Jonah, the former C.E.O. of AGA who built that Hotel and used that Alhaji’s name as a cover to hide the true ownership of that hotel. The Hotel had to be destroyed because Mr. Sam Jonah was allegedly financing Goosie Tanoh’s Reform Movement at that time and Rawlings moved Heaven and Earth to crush the Reform Movement in order to cut them to size, but he failed to crush the Reform Party as Comrade Goosie Tannoh courageously came out boldly to register the National Reform Party and we (cadres) brought Jerry Rawlings to his knees and rather cut him to size instead of he cutting the cadres to size because we put him there as the PNDC Chairman for 10 years and again put him there for another 8years as the civilian President of Ghana – 1992 – 2000.

The philosophy of the NDC is favoured with paternalism because the NDC was being run as a personal fiefdom. Former President Rawlings, with pontifical gravity and splendid patriarchal figure in the NDC proposed Professor Mills’ candidacy at Agona Swedru which is now known as the famous Swedru Declaration for Mills to pilot the NDC ship for the year 2000. It was a revolutionary Presidential fiat, so there was NO question, No contest and No Noise making by any person or group of persons in the NDC at all. That plush five star Hotel was allegedly destroyed by the NDC government because its owner or owner supported the Reform Movement in 1996.

FORMATION OF THE NDC – 1990 – 1991 When former chairman Rawlings asked all the proponents of the idea of transforming the REVOLUTIONARY APPARATUS INTO A POLITICAL PARTY TO SHOW THEIR COMMITMENT TO THE PARTY IDEA BY FIRST RESIGNING FROM THEIR JOBS IN 1990, it was only Comrade Goosie Tannoh who resigned as a financial controller of the Ghana National Petroleum corporation (GNPC). Goosie Tannoh resigned to help set up the NDC and rose to become A SOLE ADMINISTRATOR OF SORTS until others saw that the coast was very clear, before they started to SHOUT THEMSELVES HOARSE ON THE POLITICAL PLATFORM OF THE NDC. Goosie’s strategy was to help the CADRE FAMILY ALIVE and that was why thousands of cadres including this writer threw their weights behind him while Rawlings on the other hand, released his dreaded Military Intelligence (MI) operatives and BNI chaps to hunt cadres like RATS for daring to oppose his im position of Professor Mills on the NDC in 1996. Today 2012, why should cadres now support former Prez – Rawlings to replace Prez. Mills, disgrace him and leave him in the middle of the road because of his bitter dis-agreements with his chosen political begotten son. As for that, we no go sit down for Jerry Rawlings to do his own thing once again because we have travelled a long way.

When cadres realized in 1990 that party positions were being allocated in the HOMES OF DISTRICT CHIEF EXECUTIVES AND MINISTERS OF STATE and AT THE NDC PARTY HEADQUATERS IN ACCRA, we gave Goosie Tannoh our mentor, an ultimatum TO LEAVE THE NDC AND LEAD THE CADRES OR FIND HIMSELF ALONE IN THE NDC. Goosie could not ignore our ultimatum because we (cadres)were the footsoldiers who constituted the advance party in political campaign since we (cadres) were the people who killed the snakes before the NDC parliamentary candidates came to cut their heads. Cadres walked on foot to establish the District Assemblies throughout Ghana, but today, some MMDCE’S does not want to make cadres as government appointees in these District Assemblies – Well, 2012 is fast approaching, we shall see who is who in the various constituencies that are full of lazy constituency executives who are so selfish that they are not even on speaking terms with their branch executives.

MEANWHILE, An Entrenched Position By The Rawlings Camp plus. The Entrenched Position of Prez. Mills’ Camp Equals to a Very Humiliation Defeat on 7th Dec. 2012 – you mark my words. Anyway, these are Not my words, but I believe it is the stubborn truth.

THE LATTER DAY SAINTS IN THE NDC I am using this opportunity to advise Alhaji Bature and his group to stop pouring more petrol on the already blazing fire in the NDC by always insulting the Rawlingses because we do not settle problems, or dis-agreements through insults. After reading this article, if he and his group still continue to insult the NDC Founder and his wife, I will return fire on him and his group and deal with them in a manner determined by the undying spirit of June 4 and the 31st December revolutions – is that clear? If he claims to be a trained journalist I will show him that I am also a NATURAL JOURNALIST trained by God WHO FEAR NO FOE and can never be intimidated or bought like Kweku Baako jnr during the NPP regime so let him refuse to listen to my rich advise and dare me by insulting the Rawlngses once again. Where was he, when the hawks in the NDC and some people in the Executive arm of government had planned to DO AWAY WITH THE RAWLINGSES, COLLAPSE THE PNC AND THE CPP and then turn the NDC into the CPP without having the least courtesy to inform the NDC founder? Where was he, when Jerry Rawlings was described as the Barking Dog and a Loose cannon after he virtually carried the NDC on his back to power in 2009. Alhaji Bature must know that the Rawlingses are also human beings who have the right to express their opinions no matter how unpalatable.

DISHONEST ANALYSIS BY SOME NDC HAWKS Cadres went to Hell with the Rawlingses and back after Rawlings handed over power to Dr. Limann on 24th Sept. 1979 and during the 10years of revolution. In the year 2000, it was the Cadres led by Goosie Tannoh who caused the defeat of the NDC, so no matter how hard Rawlings campaigned, the Reform cadres ensured that the NDC lost 15 parliamentary seats and went on to loose that election. Again, in 2004, Dr. Yao Obed Asamoah the then National Chairman of the NDC hid thousands of NDC “T” shirts in a large ware house in Accra and asked NDC members to campaign for their Members of Parliament since Professor Mills was not a winnable candidate just because he (Obed) was not chosen as a running mate to Mills in 2004, so once again, No matter how hard Rawlings campaigned in 2004, the NDC had to loose that election too. Why can’t some govt. appointees and NDC leaders speak the TRUTH to the public? Somebody must prove me wrong here and we see.

Serving The People And Sharing The National Cake Equally Politics is an opportunity to serve one’s nation, and governance is about sharing the National cake equally in any country. Here is a political party which began its own self destruction soon after President Mills was inaugurated on 7th Jan. 2009. All cadres who are the Foundation of the NDC and the indisputable Landlords of the party were described as the Rawlings Boys from an imaginary white House who will NEVER GET ANY JOB from the Mills’ government. NDC party executives and most government appointees started giving jobs to people who DID NOTHING TO BRING the NDC back to power in 2009.

This naked injustice, cheating, nepotism, character assassinations, vilification and destruction of all cadres amongst insults on the Rawlings continued throughout the 31/2 years that the NDC has been in power. For the information of all Ghanaians, Rawlings DID NOT TRAIN CADRES WITH MONEY. He trained cadres to be patriotic nationalistic minded who are prepared to die for Ghana. Unfortunately, the latter day saints in the NDC are now trying to teach cadres where the NDC is coming from, where it is going and how it will get there – This is balony – they, lie bad because we saw all of them coming to join the NDC one by one. They cannot be more Catholic than the Pope in the NDC.

Now that we are going to campaign and vote on Dec. 7th 2012, will these divisive and selfish Party Executives and some government appointees ask the Rawlings Boys who were given no jobs to campaign and vote for the NDC? Now that we are going into elections, will these party Executives and some government appointees approach the Rawlings Boys with broad smiles and ask them to ensure that the NDC is retained in 2012? Do they now want the votes of the Rawlings Boys in 2012? Wonders will never end. The answers are YES, they would fall over one another and approach the cadres to ask them to ensure that the NDC is retained. When they approach cadres and tell them to ensure that the NDC is retained in 2012, all cadres must tell them the following before you campaign for the NDC to retain power in 2012. 1. You are the indisputable landlords of the NDC 2. Any person or groups of persons describing cadres as the Rawlings Boys in the NDC are exposing their ignorance. 3. Prez. Mills is the No. 1 Rawlings Boy in Ghana and so if they hate Rawlings, they must leave the NDC en-bloc and not the cadres, because they were all appointed by the No. 1 Rawlings Boy in the person of President Mills. 4. Corruption can never be uprooted by Prez. Mills in just 4years because there was corruption in its worst form even under President Rawlings government so corruption issues are neither here nor there. 5. Ignore the ugly noises of those vicious hawks in the NDC no matter who they are and go to the grassroots and campaign day and night for Mills to win in a landslide in 2012, and we then fight the hawks in the NDC while in power and not to fight until we lose the 2012 elections 6. If Prez. Mills is our Mother and refuses to give us FOOD because we are Rawlings Boys will it be wise on our part as cadres to rather support Nana Akuffo Addo, our mother’s rival to give us the FOOD? It is capital NO. he will rather poison the food before giving it to the cadres to eat and die. 7. If you are suffering 10times today under Prez. Mills, you will suffer 60times under Nana Akuffo Addo if you follow Rawlings to ensure that the NPP win the 2012 elections – is that clear? 8. Cadres and all those NDC hawks would be treated constantly as 3rd class citizens under Nana Akuffo Addo if he wins the elections – go for Mills and no one else period. I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii Aluta Continua!



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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement