Rawlings is a gift for Mahama

Sun, 30 Sep 2012 Source: Abugri, Haruna S.


IT is said that a fly

that does not listen to advice follows the corpse to the grave. But all is not yet

over, until it is over. Before I display this piece to my gallant readers, let

me warmly welcome His EXCELLENCY John Mahama to his new office as he has been

heard calling on God on most platforms for wisdom and strength to complete his

term and if possibly the next one. I think God will answer your prayers so that

you will drive us safely to our destination [development, unity, peace among

others] amen.

I was very happy when H/E Mahama within his early days in

office as president following the sorrowful, painful departure of our beloved

peace maker-late John Mills calling on traditional rulers, religious leaders as

well as civil society organization to correct him if he goes wrong. If H/E

really wants as to trust him, then this is the right time for him to do justice

to the numerous calls from individuals, religious and traditional leaders so

far as the alleged leaked tape of Yaw Gyan is concern. A quick one your Excellency-this

is what many are asking for {sack him, suspend him, arrest him,etc} I am not

prepared to talk about the tape for now, but what am interested in is to appeal

to H/E to do justice when the need arises regardless of who is involved .Hmm I

think suspending him for now and instituting an independent investigation is the

best way to go. This case is of

national interest and should be treated as such. It should go beyond Lartey-the

national security coordinator.

“Had I know” as a saying usually comes surprisingly and sometimes

painful. The best way to dodge this is to listen to advises. Many are those who

are still trying to come to terms as to why the founder of the NDC took on his

party leaders shortly after the 2008 victory. I think these persons need not to

doubt over it as things have started explaining itself. Former president Rawlings

in his usual biblical speeches warned the NDC to be careful of –greedy bastards,

traitors, moles, among others. But for lack of wisdom and wrongful display of pride,


leaders rejected him and called him all manner of names. Has the NDC started

crying foul over the leak tape?, did I hear the party accusing the NPP of

paying 200million cedis to the impersonator for that harmful tape? Hahahaa this

is just the beginning .I think more are yet to come and it will come in a

painful note {had I know} and that will be at the last hour-so for you to escape

these, then listen attentively to former president Rawlings.I was not surprise

when Rawlings called on Mahama to restore integrity in the presidency and the

party if he wants to win because Rawlings can see at far. So is Yaw Gyan

playing any role in the castle? Did I hear that he is one of the presidential

advises? hmm “asembeba dabi”

Rawlings- I believe does not need a pesewa from the state at

this time of his life. He is out there doing his usual work- fighting for the

common man like me. So subjecting him to all manner of insults would do him no

harm. For some of these young ministers, the less you talk about them, the better.

I wouldn’t blame them so much because they always insult and go freely unpunished.

Your Excellency, Rawlings is the best man for you to consult and listen to. Think

of it now-it is not late. Were all NDC

members happy for Rawlings presence at the Kumasi congress?your Excellency

what is happening to Kofi Adams suspension?we are watching. I believe Yaw gyan will

also get

his share. To my fellow NDC youth, I have something to share with you. Keep on



HARUNA SUMAILA ABUGRI-abugrisumailaharuna@yahoo.com.0247244879

Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.