Rawlings is calling on Ghanaians abroad for help


Sat, 21 Apr 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

On April 14, 2007 Jerry John Rawlings was given a speech at the African Day celebration, which was organized by the AFRIKADAG.In, in Hugue and Amsterdam. Rawlings interrupted on going program for Ghanaians living abroad which they use to discuss issues affecting them on Ghanastoday.com that he has important message for all Ghanaian living abroad.

As I was listening to the program, Rawlings indicated that there has been much corruption and judicial injustice with government in Africa and back home. It is the responsibility of Ghanaians abroad, with the knowledge and skills of political information from western countries like France, England and America to support democracy back home. In addition, he suggested that back home in Ghana people are not allowed to speak their minds freely and are not able to march in political demonstrations. As a result of this, he is urging Ghanaians abroad to intervene against political injustices back home. He speaks very fast, as I was trying to write down his speech he went on to say many of you who came here for political asylum, economic purpose and political persecutions, are now able to acquire the western political knowledge to get involved, that is needed now for Ghanaians. In fact, the webmaster did not allow us time to ask questions due to Rawlings limited time. The statement from John Jerry Rawlings shows you how frustrated he has been in Ghana right now! It is good for the citizens and the nation to realize how he feels. This is what democracy is all about; we need to discuss issues that are important to our nation to find a way to resolve them.

It is also imperative for Rawlings to acknowledge Ghanaians abroad skills and political powers which are needed to support our mother land and the entire African continent. During his time in office we all were aware that he imposed some stipulations on our free speech which have been lifted by the current administration. Now Rawlings wants us to use these liberties to demonstrate against corruption and interpretation of some language use in our constitution against some individuals in Ghana. This is an important idea. Now Rawlings is learning how to protect human beings against using the due process of the law for persecutions. Rawlings has realized that Ghanaians abroad are very knowledgeable in so many sectors that are needed back home. This assertion from Rawlings should improve the affairs between Ghanaians abroad and our brothers and sisters back home who often have negative views and ignore our suggestion and ideas that are productive for our nation growth economically, socially, politically, in their day to day activities in Ghana. The essence of Rawlings statements make sense, it make sense that it is our responsibility to speak out against any government abuse of powers in regard to the interest of our nations or elsewhere in Africa. We should not allow any politicians to use their positions to enrich themselves in expense of the common people. We all have to speak out irrespective of our party affiliation. These politicians are our servants. They are there to serve our nation and its citizens, they don’t have any right to use their various positions for egocentric interest, they are our servants not our masters. Ladies and gentlemen, Jerry Rawlings wants us to be involved in speaking out against injustices. Let all of us do our part to stabilize the political establishment, if they are wrong we should let them know how we feel, they are not above reproach.

Ladies and gentlemen right now many Africans who are from different African countries are entering Ghana like crazy because they believe Ghana’s economy is so good, which is not true. If we don’t help other African countries with our ideas, the immigration dilemma will soon break down Ghana’s fragile economy.

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi