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Rawlings is ready to Campaign for NDC come 2012 Elections.

Tue, 29 Nov 2011 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The former President who is also the Sole founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings, has at the time of going to press been sadly ostracized by the NDC. Almost the entirety of the NDC has chased him out of the party since Professor Mills won the presidency on the ticket of the NDC party. Mr Mills felt by honouring his promise to consult Rawlings 24/7 a week would make him look a puppet in the eyes of the Ghanaian public. In proving to Ghanaians that Mills is his own man, he decided to shun Rawlings, keeping him at arms length from his administration. What a demeaning snub!

The wise man always says, "Do not bite the finger that feeds you" or, "Do not cast stones into the well that supplies thee with water" However, the NDC under President Mills has treated Rawlings far worse than a piece of shit. That once highly emaciated General Mosquito Johnson Asiedu Nketiah who Rawlings handpicked from the valley of disgrace and placed on the mountain of grace has been very instrumental in hounding Rawlings out of the NDC party. Rawlings' status reminisces the "friends today, enemies tomorrow" situation. Anyway, it serves Rawlings right to have practiced divide and rule or divide and conquer tactics during his tyrannical nineteen years rule. The very people he helped and used as implements to terrorise those perceived as his enemies have now turned on him to devour. He is today reaping the sour fruits of the bad seeds he sowed yesterday.

Now that the intensity of the scorching heat of elections 2012 has become very unbearable for the NDC, the usual greedy scumbags among them want to turn to the once Junior Jesus, Rawlings for succour and solace. They want to make peace with him in order to persuade him to campaign for the NDC to be re-elected into power at the 2012 elections. What do these people take Rawlings for, a fool who has no pillow to support his head when he sleeps at night?

Rawlings for the following reasons will not, and should not campaign for the NDC no matter how far the NDC cries, whines, meow meows and barks. Should he for any reason be enticed to campaign for them, they will treat him far worse than they are doing to him today. If President Mills has been able to treat him as an outcast, with undeserved scorn in his first term of office, what stops him from treating him far worse in his second term seeing that will be his last term in office regardless how good or bad he performs and whom he maltreats? If he wanted Rawlings to help him to win his second term, he should have treated him nicely in his first term in office and mistreated him during the second term. How could Atta Mills satisfy Rawlings seeing that Rawlings is always domineering, insulting and most of his demands appear quite senseless?

Rawlings has been frank with Atta Mills and his Team-B government appointees and Ghanaians. He has chastised President Mills and his government for being truly greedy bastards, mediocre, incompetent, visionless, and failed on their campaign promises to Ghanaians. All that Rawlings has said about the Atta Mills government is true. It is still a verifiable ongoing situation. How can Rawlings in the face of his rightly alleged charges of still ongoing malpractices against President Mills and his government turn around to campaign for the NDC? Unless Rawlings is ready to lick back his own vomits as does the dog, he can never under the Sun, the Moon and the Stars go back to campaign for Atta Mills' re-election come 2012. If he does, then he would be the greatest hybrid bastard the world has ever seen.

The fate of Mills is bleak. Former President Rawlings will not campaign for him. Rawlings can only campaign for President Mills and the NDC if and only if, President Mills will surrender fully to him. Mills should become the Rawlings' puppet as promised many years ago. He should allow Rawlings to rule Ghana through him. Is Mills ready to do that? No! Atta has resolutely determined to be his own man with hard balls dangling in-between his legs/thighs no matter what Rawlings does. As none is ready to yield in to the other, then the chances of Rawlings campaigning for Mills at 2012 elections are very remote. Atta will go it alone.

Rawlings is to stand by his newfound principles without reverting to his old politics of tribal segregation, insults, intimidation and insecurity. All the dreamers aspiring to get Rawlings to campaign for Atta Mills can keep on dreaming until thy Kingdom come. Rawlings is now wiser and places the nation and Ghanaians above his own parochial interests. He will never campaign for the Atta Mills NDC government that is overflowing with foul corruption and embezzlement.

The fight to kick out the corrupt NDC government from power is in full gear.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson