Rawlings, the Smartest ever Politician in Ghana

Tue, 14 Jun 2011 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The dictum, "friends today, enemies tomorrow" perfectly describes the current condition of former President J. J. Rawlings. When Rawlings was at the peak of his fame and glory, he had many friends from all lifestyles. He made many of these friends equally rich and famous. They were always singing his praises. They were prostrating before him, and egging him on to ruthlessly stamp his authority. While he did as his friends ill advise, these same friends were simultaneously committing their selfish individualistic heinous crimes against Mother Ghana and Ghanaians. Now that his authority has completely ebbed due to his own acts of ignorance, these numerous friends have deserted him in droves. Not only that but also, they have aligned themselves with Rawlings' perceived archenemies to cast vehement aspersions on him. These bunch of ignominious false friends always lean towards the side where their bread is buttered. To them, Rawlings is no more in power, he does no longer wield that fearful "death and life" wand, does not control the nation's coffers. What do they gain wasting their time following him like "boy boy" (servants)? Truly, false friends are worse than bitter enemies.

The NDC fanatics that were once prepared to sacrifice their lives to sustain Rawlings' oppressive rule have today turned their back on him. What has gone amiss to see them turn to devour Rawlings and his family like hungry vultures? Rawlings must be bitter within his soul to see his once trusted friends turn on him with effusive foul words that pierce through the heart like a sharpened poisonous sword. He has himself to blame for being rude, callous, nepotistic and tribalistic. He is reaping the fruits of the deadly seeds he sowed many years ago.

I wonder why he still does not grasp how wary he should be with friends but continues to surround himself with further irrational confidants. Those closer to him do not tell him what he should hear but rather what he wants to hear. Such is the attitude that has landed him in his current precarious situation. He is not being smart here yet he has the disgusting notoriety to blame President Mills and his Government Ministers of not being smart at all.

Rawlings has brought the destructive criticisms coming from his own NDC camp upon him by way of not being deft enough. Greed, vainglory and the false sense of superiority have blinded his thinking. He still trusts in friends and surrounds himself with the usual "Yes Sir, Master" people. Until he surrounds himself with people willing to tell him the truth as it should, he will continue to suffer humiliation and insults. I pity him. Nothing is more painful than to see your own trusted friends turn against.

The enemies of Rawlings are himself for always behaving irresponsibly; those he surrounds himself with e.g. Hebert Mensah and Kofi Adams. Until he mends his machismo ways and accord Ghanaians respect, his own morally decrepit NDC fanatics will continue to torment him.

"He, who draws the sword, dies by the sword". "The evil that men do, lives after them", so let it be with strongman Rawlings. The NDCs from their infancy are not clever politicians but a bunch of opportunists dabbling in politics to enrich themselves. The evidence on the ground confirms my assertion.

Anyway, NPP –the "Osono Kukrudu" is just loitering around the corridors of power to bulldoze the NDC to the barracks and the caves from whence they came to terrorise Ghanaians. One thing I will remember NDC II for is that hilarious frenzy at which the security operatives selectively arrested people accusing them of "causing fear, panic and alarm" in public. Bravo and more grease to the elbow of President Mills for unveiling the Constitutional clause, "causing fear, panic and alarm" and ensuring the police arrest those acting in contrivance to the law. Is he then President "Causing fear, panic and alarm? No, he is not but Rawlings a.k.a Mr Smart is.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson