Re: A Legitimate Shift Of Power, Of Course!

Wed, 27 Feb 2013 Source: Thompson, Kofi

by Kofi Thomspson

Dr. Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, someone just brought your article entitled "A Legitimate Shift Of Power, Of Course!" to my attention.

Do not think that you can sit behind a computer screen a continent away from Ghana, slander me, and get away scot free. There will be consequences.

In your invincible ignorance you say I am a "National Democratic Congress hack". Incredible.

For your information I am neither a National Democratic Congress "hack" nor "propagandist".

I am a patriot who loves his country of diverse-ethnicity passionately. My conscience is not for sale at any price - and never will be.

Safe to say we shall see how the matter before the Supreme Court eventually ends, I will treat your disgraceful article with the contempt it deserves - by ignoring the rest of the impenetrable writing between your opening presumption and the impudent insult you end it with.

Clearly, you did not understand what you read - or you would not have written what you did.

There are some who insist that your writing is the literary equivalent of boorish behaviour - and quite beyond the pale for the many disrespectful and libellous things you say about those you do not agree with. You have made a mistake in my case.

The gentleman who brought your article to my attention, said you come across as someone who has the most appalling manners - forever insulting others. How sad.

I agree with him that you are a disgrace to your employers - to whom I will send a formal complaint. The question is: Should someone so intolerant and full of such tribal hatred be teaching anyone?

It is the thoughtless and vituperative fare from individuals of your ilk, that cause Africa's tribal conflicts.

Depending on what your employers do, some of the libellous things you said in that shabby article could land you in a New York law court - and that is not a threat but a promise.

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi