Re-Dismiss NADMO Boss

Sun, 27 Apr 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement



In a feature article of Tuesday 22nd April, 2014, One Mr. Wiafe Mireku Alphonse stated that the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) is gradually being run aground by its Co-ordinator, Mr. Kofi Portuphy who allegedly manages it as a state institution that must be pen/paper robbed empty-whatever this term means, it is only Wiafe Mireku who knows it.

Wiafe Mireku Alphonse quoted INSIDERS at NADMO as saying that NADMO could be worse than what happened in the GYEEDA scandals, and that the so-called insiders at NADMO are calling for the immediate removal of the Co-ordinator before the commencement of Investigation by the EOCO and the BNI. According to Wiafe Mireku, who has appointed himself as the General Overseer of NADMO affairs in Ghana, the so called insiders at NADMO have described the Organisation as the “Headquarters of corruption” and that the NADMO boss is called the” Mugabe of NADMO” who runs the organization as it pleases him but when was Kofi Portuphy appointed as the NADMO Co-ordinator? Was it not in 2009, and if that is the ease, how does he suddenly become the MUGABE of NADMO or the faceless and cowardly elements accusing him does not know what they are talking about? Thousands of Ghanaians and Cadres knows who Mr. Kofi Portuphy is in this country.

According to Mr. Wiafe Mireku, the self appointed supervisor of Mr. Kofi Portuphy, the so-called NADMO insiders complained of the Free will manner their boss is employing people who are running into hundreds and who have not been paid for almost a year now because their names are not captured by the Controller and Accountant Generals Department, and that the staff added that a hawker of fresh tilapia fish had her name allegedly on the pay roll of the Navrongo district NADMO office without mentioning her employer.

According to him, the uncontrolled act of appointing people by their boss is a potential JUDGMENT DEBT being created for the ordinary tax payer to contend with. For your information thousands of Ghanaians know Mr. Portuphy far better than you and your group.

He again stated that the major scandals revealed by the staff in their document titled, “NADMO MORE CORRUPT THAN GYEEDA” is the alleged payment of 8 years salary that the NADMO boss paid himself when he was NOT IN OFFICE from 2001-2008, oh I see. Are you trying to tell Germans that the NPP government with its instruments of vengeance like the dreaded Special Investigation Task Force (SIT) that was set up by President Kufour to implicate NDC former ministers who worked under Rawlings could not detect that payment of 8 years salary by Mr. Kofi Portuphy?

Their statement went on to add that management of NADMO claim that it spent about GH¢300,000,000 in the last quarter of 2012, and they smell something criminal about it. Furthermore, the NADMO workers touched on Mr. Kofi Portuphy’s vulgar and reckless dissipation of the resources of the organization with impunity citing his use of relief items such as rice, sugar, oil and sometimes poly-tanks as a means of wooing members of the NDC to champion his Chairmanship bid of the party.

According to them, it is shameful to sometimes see very weighty personalities of High Public Standing come for such items. They content that if Ministers of State, Public officers and Party members can always come to collect such items each time they have funerals and other social gatherings- what moral bravery would they possess to discipline him, they alleged that some members of the Council of State were not left out of these goodies collection.

From the above wild unfounded allegations by Mr. Wiafe Mireku and his so-called insiders at the NADMO headquarters, well-meaning Ghanaians can easily realize that Mr. Kofi Portuphy is a SHARP THORN in the flesh of a well organized stealing syndicate at the NADMO headquarters, and these charlatans have sworn to move Heaven and Earth to destroy his hard won reputation by any means necessary because if they claim that all the above allegations are true, it is not Wiafe Mireku Alphonse that they should feed with that information because he (Wiafe Mireku) was not the one who appointed the NADMO BOSS. This is not only malicious but a very useless information given to you.

We know all those hiding behind some unreliable people like Wiafe Mireku Alphonse to achieve their selfish ends but they would all fail because if the above allegation were to be true, they, the so-called insiders within the NADMO headquarters would have petitioned the President of the Republic who appointed Mr. Kofi Portuphy and Not to give out such malicious information to Mr. Wiafe Mireku who is being used by some faceless cowards within the NDC party and some NADMO staff to achieve their selfish ends.


Continuing his long list of unfounded allegations Mr. Wiafe Mireku and his so-called insiders within the NADMO headquarters are alleging what the NADMO staff call “NEW NADMO Web-Ecoblock” which was constructed without the appropriate procurement procedures followed and the contract sum kept as a state “classified information and that the NADMO boss and the Accountant are alleged to be the contractors which smack of a conflict of interest here. Can you and your so-called NADMO insiders stand the heat and prove your allegations when Mr. Portuphy’s lawyers decide to sue you in and High court for you to prove all these unfounded allegations made against their client?

Infact, your article calling for the dismissal of the NADMO boss is virtually roping in some Ministers of State as well as other government officials including some Council of State Members. We know all those who are behind this nasty state of affairs who have ganged up to destroy the NADMO boss within the NDC Party and within the NADMO Headquarters.

We are however fully aware of the smear campaign against the NADMO boss ever since he gave a hint that he would contest the National Chairmanship position of the NDC when nominations are opened. We are also aware of the Paid Agents who are criss crossing the country with the latest Toyota 4x4 land cruisers canvassing for votes for some candidates even though nominations have not been opened yet. Thirdly, we are aware of the HUGE RUMOUR MILL that is grinding day and night releasing unfounded allegations and character assassinations, accusing the NADMO boss of dishonesty and corruption depicting him as an unpatriotic man forgetting that Mr. Kofi Portuphy has an enviable track record that surpasses all his detractors in this country. Reading through the lengthy article posted on Ghanaweb.com by Wiafe Mireku and his so-called insiders at the NADMO headquarters, one can only conclude that they have turned themselves into INTERNAL AUDITORS OF NADMO who have been assigned illegally to exposed the so-called ROT at NADMO which is managed by Mr. Portuphy who is crash landing the organization and calling for his immediate removal from office.

The faceless elements within the NADMO head office must stick out their necks to be counted as patriots for exposing alleged corruption at the NADMO head office and stop hiding behind some people who just behave like ROBOTS being controlled from behind in a factory. We have seen what took place in this country before, where some deputy ministers tried to pull down their bosses and Prez. Mills warned them to stop such acts.


They allege that the management of the National Disaster Management Organizaion is not only on monitory malfeasance targeting staff that the Co-ordinator suspects are not ready to dabble in his NDC politics of becoming the National Chairman has been the order of the day. Departmental transfers are made without recourse to professional alignment. Does Wiafe Mireku and his so called NADMO insiders want the NADMO boss to always consult them before effecting transfers at NADMO?


They allege that the Deputy Co-ordinator in charge of administration has been relegated to the background each time the Boss travels out of his duty post and the Deputy Co-ordinator in-charge of Technical, one Dooso made to act. You are not a staff of NADMO, so why did you publish such hearsay evidence for the World to read. Again, a Human Resources manager, one Mrs. Abibatu Walenkaki, who holds a Masters degree in Public Administration, has been oddly shuffled to head the Research Unit whilst a Bachelor of Arts degree holder in sociology, one John Dan Doe replaced her.

This is none of your business if you have been watching political events in the NDC very well, Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah was made a Deputy Minister of Information with all his doctorate degrees before he was later appointed a full cabinet minister and Ghana’s Ambassador to the United States by H.E. Flt. Lt. J.J. Rawlings.

According to these orgnaised detractors of Mr. Kofi Portuphy, the changes in these areas were made to enable him, do HIS DIRTY DEALS without hindrance. Portyphy wants his Kinsmen to occupy key positions. The acts of vilification are not limited to the headquarters. Some staff of NADMO in all the regions and districts have suffered one transfer or the other on suspicion that they are working against his ambition of getting the Chairmanship slot of the NDC. In one such vindictive transfer, an officer was transferred and made to report to his new duty post on a Sunday.

The Portuphy detractors added that it is this same ambition they allege which has pushed him to be recruiting people in large numbers without caution into NADMO in anticipation of the open polls by universal adult suffrage the Party intends to introduce in the election of Constituency Regional and National Executives. According to the concerned staff, what is more insulting to the government by the actions of their boss is the fact that he comes out accusing the government publicly of starving the Organization of needed resources – where as he recklessly dissipates its disbursements provided by the same government. The staff are urging the President to dismiss the NADMO boss as a matter of urgency to enable the vultures, and greedy wolves now hiding behind some uncultured. Lengthy writers of TRASH to take over and completely clear the NADMO headquarters of all the resources including cars, motorbikes, blankets, roofing sheets cooking oil and rice together with plastic chairs, tarpaulins, mats, cement, etc. etc. so come again, Wiafe Mireku and your so called insiders at NADMO.

You see, government must be supported by a people who understand what the country’s economic aims are, and are willing to give off their best, break with tradition and make sacrifices in accomplishing these aims as this writer have been doing since the PNDC era in 1984 to date 2014. Mr. Wiafe Mireku’s lengthy article posted on Ghana web.com is full of allegations upon allegations compiled by faceless and cowardly elements from the NADMO headquarters and given to him but instead of crosschecking the facts from the NADMO boss, he decided to publish it in the social media. Those who fed you with such a bogus unsubstantiated allegations are NOT PATRIOTS but they are rather a bunch of destructive infiltrators within the NADMO headquarters who feel insecure with the presence of the NADMO boss-they are remote controlled by some elements working under Kofi Portuphy who wants to destroy him and have him hanged to enable them take over from him, but they lie bad.


Frankly speaking, when evil men and women sit and plot at midnight and then plan as to how to act like vampires and suck the innocent blood of the NADMO boss, his admirers also wake up in the middle of that same might to call on God to protect him and deliver him from the hands of evil men and women.

It will be recalled that Comrade Kofi Portuphy has been villified, insulted and black mailed for his principled position ever since his name popped up as an aspirant for the National Chairmanship slot of the NDC. Those who could not stick their necks out to be counted as P.D.C’s and W.D.C’s during the heat of the revolution in January 1982 because of Sheer cowardice are the latter day Saints going about destroying hard working Party leaders and government appointees.

This writer had been in the trenches with Mr. Kofi Portuphy from the blazing fire during the PNDC era in January 1982 to date 2014 because God gave him the strength to fight them and they all fled.

Mr. Kofi Portuphy as a cadre, is very much aware of all the evil and wicked machinations that have been going on all over the place starting from the so-called insiders at NADMO headquarters and some few party gurus, but he is not perturbed one bit, because he is a victim of his principled position and that have put his head above water all these painful years.

If those accusing him of under hand dealings and corruption at NADMO are really men with balls in between their thighs-they must provide the evidence by petitioning the President and give the same copy to the NADMO boss, so that he can sue them in court when his accusers fail to provide any evidence because he has a hardwon reputation to protect.

If those powerful women too who are also accusing the NADMO boss of corruption and nepotism are really women with golden doors in between their thighs, they must provide the evidence by petitioning the President and give a copy to the NADMO boss to enable him sue them in court when they fail to provide any evidence. I sincerely believe that God would forever deliver the NADMO boss from the hands of evil men and women in this country because truth will always stand tall no matter what. By their fruits, ye shall know them. Are Portuphy’s detractors listening? You keep your fingers crossed, I shall return. “Jaanbie Iwaii” – Aluta Continua?








Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement