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Re: Govt concerned about Zimbabwe situation

To our utter amazement, according to the General News on Ghanaweb June 24, the Government of Ghana expressed "deep concern" over the deteriorating political climate in Zimbabwe as it prepares for a run-off of presidential elections scheduled for Friday, June 27.

The statement signed by Mr. D.K. Osei, Secretary to the President was said to have echoed the concerns of the international community over the current violence in Zimbabwe. The international community indeed! Does he rather mean the internationally lawless white nation states like Australia and UK?

We Ghanaians historically recollect similar violence in Ghana including bomb-throwing, human-burning and nails hammered into heads. But we also know they were fuelled by some of the same international community who later paid $13.000.000 for the overthrow of the Ghana Government in 1966.

The international community's concerns are fuelled by the British Government especially and the institutionally racist British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in particular.

The statement signed by D.K. Osei should have been directed not at ZANU-PF and Robert Mugabe, one of last men Nkrumah left behind, but to the British Government through the British High Commission in Ghana calling on them to stop their typical double standards against black people.

The statement should rather have reminded the British that when serious Black people in Africa are talking about democracy they should be the last to speak, even if they should speak at all, because they simply have no moral right to say a word on the matter worth taking seriously.

The strong statement signed by D.K. Osei should rather have said the British have no business talking about democracy when democrats are talking because the British State is not a democracy in all, or any, essential aspect(s) and they have no real practical understanding of it. Thomas Paine's description of the British Mind as childish thinkers still remain the case today.

The British have an unelected Head of State who is there for life. She has never been elected. As we write we know who the next British Head of State will be say 10 or 50 years from now. It is all rigged in favour of one German family and its successors. In Britain, Parliamentarians who are voted into Parliament go straight to Parliament to swear allegiance not to the British People who are not Sovereign, but to unelected Heads of State. At least Mugabe stands for election. And if we know he will be President in July, at least he will stand for an election.

Democratically speaking, things are so bad that, even the current British Prime Minister is unelected. The last time he thought he was going to lose an election, that was in December 2007, he promptly called it off. At least Mugabe is going ahead with the scheduled Presidential election and the Parliamentary results which ZANU-PF lost still stand. The West can scream as much as they want; we will not take lectures from anti-democratic white nation states on democracy.

A statement signed by Mr. D.K. Osei should also have called on the American Government through the US Embassy to call their “deep government” the CIA to order if they, the public State, have the guts. The CIA has been paying agents to, amongst others, dress as members of the security services, engage in all sorts of violence, then get undercover British agents they are working with to take pictures, which are all then shown on BBC media globally calculated to trash and cash African economic resources.

The struggle over land, which is at the heart of this whole issue, has really turned violently deadly on all sides; this is raw devilish power to turn Zimbabwe into a white-controlled client state incapable of showing the way forward over land ownership in Eastern and Southern Africa.

The statement signed by D.K. Osei should have dwelt on the central issue of land and called on the British Government to honour their pledge to pay for land taken from whites, because that is what honourable people do.

The people of Zimbabwe as the elections show are not happy with ZANU-PF; but they are not ready either to hand over the country to MDC completely. There is no evidence that the people of Zimbabwe will give Morgan Tsvangirai the mandate. The indications are that having handed over legislative power to MDC, they are not prepared to hand over the Presidency also to MDC. At least not yet. Knowing he will lose the election, the MDC have pulled out citing violence which is been fuelled by clandestine forces amongst others.

Tsvangirai, then seeks refuge in the Dutch Embassy when their Dutch Reformed Church were the theological Masters of Apartheid.

In all these internal acrimony, at least the Childish British thinkers should simply remain quiet when real and serious Black men are talking DEMOCRACY.

We call on D.K. Osei to issue a new signed statement.,

Note on Writer: Kwami Agbodza is the former CPP UK & Ireland Regional Secretary, former Ablekuma-Central Constituency Chairman and former Greater Accra Regional Educational Secretary.

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Columnist: Agbodza, Kwami

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