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Re: ‘I’ll treasure Lordina till death’ - President Mahama

W Maha President John Mahama and wife (Lordina).

Mon, 19 Sep 2016 Source: Badu, K

By K. Badu

I read President Mahama’s concupiscent pledge to his wife Lordina during the NDC’s manifesto launch in Sunyani with mixed emotions.

First of all, the amorous pledge has brought a glint of smiles all over my face in the sense that President Mahama’s promise to his wife to be faithful and loyal somehow dismisses the wildly rumoured extra marital affairs of his Excellency.

On the other hand, due to some politicians consuming desires for attention seeking and political misinformation metastasizing during the electioneering campaign, I don’t want to get carried away over his Excellency’s promise.

“Concluding his speech at the launch of the National Democratic Congress’ 2016 manifesto in Sunyani on Saturday September 17, Mr Mahama was full of praise for his wife for sticking by him through good and difficult times” (See: I’ll treasure Lordina till death’-President Mahama ; classfmonline.com/ghanaweb.com, 18/09/2016).

Indeed, President Mahama was absolutely on point for praising his wife Lordina who stood by him despite all the allegations by the tattletales over his extra marital affairs.

Obviously President Mahama had opened up about his wildly rumoured extra marital affairs some time ago: “there is this notion of me being a womanizer which is certainly not true”. “I have had children outside my marriage”. “But I am at peace with my wife”. “She understands the circumstances in which it happened” said President Mahama (Daily Guide/peacefmonline.com).

Apparently, the preceding revelations rightly generated a nationwide gossip over the actual biological children of President Mahama.

In fact, there were contrasting figures from the vineyard news. While some vineyard branches delineated twenty three children from ten different mothers, other vineyard branches mapped nineteen children from nine separate ladies and so on.

“He openly professed his love for his wife and promised to continue to treasure her until death separated them”.

I do not want to believe that the President’s amorous promise was mere political platform inebriation. For, if his Excellency really meant his word, then it rightly makes nonsense of his alleged extra marital affairs.

“I wish to also express my love and appreciation to my number one supporter, companion, comforter, and friend”. “Over the last 24 years, Lordina Dramani Mahama has been my companion on life’s journey through stormy times and through calm times, we have been together”.

A regular columnist and discussant however disagrees that Lordina had been patient over the alleged extra marital affairs.

He writes: “don't feel sorry for Lordina, most of Mahama’s children were born when he and Lordina were separated and Lordina was living in Holland doing her own thing. That is what Mahama refers to as, "She understands the circumstances in which it happened" “Lordina might even have a child whose father is not President Mahama’s.”

Well, my friend, if that was the case, then was President Mahama lying to discerning Ghanaians?

“I wish to thank my in-laws – people of the Brong Ahafo Region – for giving me such a beautiful and hardworking woman as my wife”.

“I promise you I will continue to look after her well and I will continue to treasure her till the day I die,” the president said”.

That was extremely touching promise. But let’s keep our fingers cross and hope his Excellency does not break this promise as he has been doing to Ghanaians. Do you remember his numerous promises on fixing the existential ‘dumsor?’

In any case, some discussants do not believe that his Excellency will keep his promise on this occasion.

For example, a discussant by name Afua wrote: “But the rumour is not going away. It has wings and it's all over the country. Some will even point to the houses of the young ladies he sleeps with. It's got to be very painful”.

Discussant Truth (Monica) wrote: “Mr Badu K, come to com3 in Tema and you will find one of the numerous girl friends of Mahama here”. “It's a well-known secret here.”

A discussant by name Wikileaks revealed: “WHO TOLD YOU THAT Mahama is not a womanizer? Can someone help me on how to upload an audio here; I think I have to let out this audio at long last. I have pictures of the sister in the alleged audio but I don't want her pictures to go viral on social media, but for the audio I'll release it”.

Obviously, it is never right for any man to cheat on his wife, so I will pray and hope that his Excellency will keep his amorous pledge.

Columnist: Badu, K