Re: Kennedy Agyapong Made Money Thru Common Sense

Wed, 29 Feb 2012 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest physicists of our time is noted for saying that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That is why when some people are faced with reality checks they normally provide different and varying answers thinking that they would eventually make sense to their fans, listeners or readers at the end of the day. If you have been following the political events of the country lately you will better understand who have been providing different takes on some burning issues that have the potential of sinking their already sunk reputations instead of addressing them headlong.

God in His greatest and unsurpassed wisdom gave every individual a distinguishing feature which cannot be compared to anyone else’s. That is why even with identical twins there are still some unique differences between them. The word Common in the English Dictionary is simply attributed to something or event that is occurring, done often or prevalent. The word can also be used to describe issues or occurrences that are shared, coming from, or done by two or more people, groups, or things.

That is why it is very common to see two or more social miscreants coming together to devise diabolical ideas to rob and kill innocent citizens who have toiled hard to make their fortunes. It is also very familiar to see some people coming together to use some dubious and unorthodox means to make it to the very top in society thinking that because they were not caught, what they did was normal and cool.

Common sense is not something common that can be bought from the market. In fact it is using your God given intellect to either do something good for yourself and the society at large or doing the opposite. But it is equally important to note that there are some people who use doubtful means to make their fortunes instead of going through the eye of the needle. Such people after their dubious accomplishments simply throw bits and pieces around their communities just to cover their tracks and also receive undue praise, thinking that their ‘dubious common senses’ have paid off.

There have been so many speculations concerning the wealth of NPP’s Member of Parliament for Assin North, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong. This man who had lived in the United States before and knows very well how the United States tracks people down to determine their sources of income/funds is behaving like the insane man that Albert Einstein spoke about, by giving the same flimsy and “unbuyable” (my own word) explanation on how he came by his wealth, but expecting that Ghanaians will buy into it. I bet Kennedy Agyapong would have been languishing in jail if he was still residing in the United States with the so-called unaccounted and undetermined kind of wealth.

Kennedy Agyapong instead of giving a proper rundown of how he made his wealth is talking about selling chewing gum and chocolates on the streets of Accra. I am telling him that he is a big time liar because selling on the streets of Accra became common in the mid-eighties, and at that time Agyapong was not in Ghana but in the United States. He also stated that he made $50,000 through the coordination of the US Visa Lottery and invested the money in other interests. If Agyapong can invest just a mere $50,000 which today puts him in the millionaire status in Ghana, then I would keep shaking my head.

Kennedy Agyapong who seems to know it all cannot even tell how much he is worth today. He is reported to have stated that those who want to know how much he is worth should contact his cousins and close associates. Nobody is jealous about Kennedy Agyapong if he made his fortune through the genuine way. In fact he could owe anything that money can buy provided his monies were acquired legally. But if the monies he claims to owe have question marks surrounding it, we as citizens of Ghana have every right under the sun to know. We know how deadly illicit drugs can destroy the lives of people, therefore, if somebody is selling those drugs to make money we have every right to condemn it in no uncertain terms.

There have been reports that Kennedy Agyapong deals in illicit hard drugs. He has been accused by people who are close to him. The fact that he has not been caught does not mean what they are saying is not true. And since there is no smoke without fire, I believe those who have been making those allegations might have a strong case against him. Have you heard anybody saying that Kwame Pianim deals in drugs? It’s because he does not. Therefore, if there have been multiple claims by people that Agyapong deals in drugs, it means there may be an iota of truth in those allegations.

One thing that is baffling to many people is that have you seen any credible NPP folk sticking his/her neck out to defend Kennedy Agyapong on the charges of dealing in drugs? He is the lone star. Agyapong is the only one trying to defend himself. Did you not hear that he has threatened to step down as a legislator if his colleagues would not stand by him in times of troubles? Truly Agyapong who has the penchant of opening his mouth very loud has not seen anybody coming to his defense in these trying times. Do you know why? It is because nobody wants to defend this indefensible guy.

If Agyapong is not guilty of the alleged charges why would he need his colleagues to defend him? What happened the other time when the drug charge issue came up? Instead of defending himself, he rather accused Kwasi Twum, CEO of Multimedia of also dealing in drugs. But when he was given an ultimatum to apologize, did you see the speed with which Agyapong apologized?

Again, if Agyapong indeed made his fortune through common sense as he claims, he would have used the same common sense to explain it all. He would have used common sense to give a rundown of how he made it and how much he is worth today. He would never dance around the issue. He would never give insanity answers, and in fact he would not act like the insane man Einstein was referring to. He would have been the straight shooter we know him to be and provide direct and common sense answers.



Columnist: Jackson, Margaret