Re: Kofi Totobi Quakyi, The Ghanaian Con Artist

Thu, 16 Sep 2010 Source: Asamoah, Dan

I wish to respond to the above captioned rejoinder. The article failed to address the issues I raised in mine. First, I do not have to use the name of the NDC Washington DC or Virginia to lend credence to my case. Second, I do not have to be a member of the said chapters to say what I am saying. It is very, very unfortunate that when the so-called leaders of our nation loot our country and employ all kinds of machinations to cover their track, purposeless associations and groupings like the NDC Washington and Virginia would jump to their defense.

Some even try to impute that they personally know Totobi-Quakyi’s children who are very brilliant. How many Ghanaian children are not more brilliant than the children of this conman? Do they get the same opportunities to develop their potentials to the fullest in prestigious universities like his children are doing now? I pity a country like Ghana and the people who believe that Totobi’s children are brilliant and therefore they deserve our stolen taxes for their education abroad.

Let me state again that Totobi-Qaukyi is a conman who is exploiting the Ghanaian taxpayer for his own benefit and that of his children. If anybody cares to know the truth, they should just pick a phone and call Alpert Medical School and Columbia Medical School and find out about the source of finance for the education of Totobi’s children. None of them have any form of scholarship. While many Ghanaians are laboring day and night in dining halls, shops, and factories across the United States and Europe to support their education, the sons and daughters of these criminals get it so easy on our tax money.

Totobi-Qualyi has the right to even claim that he is financing his children’s education from his hard earned earnings. If that is the case, the Internal Revenue Service of Ghana has a job to do. They should inform the public how much Totobi-Quakyi earns monthly and how much of that goes back into the system through taxation. Anything that cannot be accounted for is accumulated through criminal means and he must be made to provide the source of the extra funds.

It is only in Ghana that you will have a situation like this where conmen like Totobi-Quakyi are clearly exploiting the taxpayers for their own benefit and are never answerable to anyone.

I warn the NDC Washington DC and Virginia chapter to stop defending this conman immediately. The next time they try to spoke my wheels, I will descend on them too. They should go and find something important to do for themselves. After all who is listening to them. Do they matter anywhere in the scheme of things as far the useless Mills administration is concerned?

Totobi, you are a conman who is fleecing the Ghanaian taxpayer for your selfish gains. If Ghanaian journalists are so dumb that they can’t follow these tips to unravel the puzzle, I will surely do their work for them.

Kofi Totobi-Quakyi is a con artist.

Dan Asamoah


Washington, DC

Columnist: Asamoah, Dan