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Opinions Fri, 6 Mar 2015

Re: Mahama to retire Akufo-Addo in 2016 - Haruna Iddrisu

I have to be honest with Ghanaians that most of our current crop of politicians ruling the nation is purely simpletons. They talk as if they have no brains in their oblong heads. What do they take Ghanaians for?

Having read the views expressed by Dishonourable Haruna Iddrisu, the MP for Tamale South who doubles as the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, on Ghanaweb under the title, "Mahama to retire Akufo-Addo in 2016 - Haruna Iddrisu", I asked in soliloquy, is this man insane?

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read all the lies he was spewing left and right, centre, front and back. Among his lies told, he said, "on the basis of the president's interventions and development projects springing up across the country, the NDC will retain power in the next elections" For the full text, please visit the link below.


What really gets me on my nerves is how these clueless leaders in government, square pegs in round holes of course, constantly see Ghanaians as fools and hence take us for such. Where are the said social interventions carried out by President Mahama and his current unprecedentedly incompetent and mischievously corrupt NDC government? Where are they, I want to know!

Mr Haruna Iddrisu should publish the list of them and I shall proceed to Ghana with a team of my White friends to check if indeed such projects do exist as mentioned over and over again in the President's State of the Nation address and as collusively trumpeted by the NDC faithful.

The President and his government know nothing apart from lying, throwing dust into Ghanaians' eyes. He knows Ghanaians are so docile and more than stupid to take any rubbish thrown at them.

With all the apparent problems Ghanaians are compelled to put up with resulting from the myopia of the President, people like Haruna Iddrisu and Johnson Asiedu Nketiah have still the shameless guts to tell us President Mahama and the NDC will still win Election 2016. Do they think Ghanaians are still stupid, if they ever were at all?

NDC are on their propaganda again, greasing the rusting parts of the machine and preparing it for rigging purposes. This time around, their rigging machine will be destroyed, God willing. The signs are written boldly and clearly in the sky. GHANAIANS ARE AT THE END OF THEIR TETHER. THEY WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY FURTHER ATTEMPTS BY NDC TO RIG THE ELECTIONS IN THEIR FAVOUR.

I am still waiting patiently to be shown the locations of the alleged social interventions by "Promisesident" (President) John Dramani Mahama, a.k.a. Promise Giver. As we ask music makers to make us a song, so shall we ask Mr Promise Giver to give us further promises? It does not cost him anything to give promises at the crack of the fingers – nobody will even dare arraign him for giving false promises as he is fond of doing.

I am sorry that Haruna Iddrisu has by his short-sighted views, forced me to renege on my earlier promise not to blacken anyone in my publications.

Ghanaians are not fools so NDC be aware. Nana Akufo Addo cannot be retired by any further incompetent President, government and party as it is contrarily the view of Haruna Iddrisu and his bandwagon of daydreamers.

THE BATTLE IS STILL THE LORD'S with DJ Sources of Sources radio UK online and others as active vessels of God being used to obtain the objective of the Lord's battle. Ghanaians have wised up.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson