Re: NPP government lack common sense -A-plus

Kwame Aplus Sigh Kwame A-Plus

Sun, 13 May 2018 Source: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem

Our men of old often point out, that the sickness that the vulture recovered from which severity rendered its neck featherless, will cause the cock to die.

And those who worship the banana must not take offense if asked to worship the plantain!

When the then candidate Akufo Addo, now his Excellency, the President of the Republic, was disgracefully defeated in the last two elections before the 2016 elections in which he retaliated with a resounding victory by subjecting his direct opponent, an incumbent President Mahama, who many Ghanaians believed was Sani Abacha incarnate in our climes, to a nauseating electoral embarrassment, majority thought our most awaited authentic "political C. Ronaldo" finally arrives, only later it dawned on discerning Ghanaians that they might have replaced incompetent thieves with offensive ones, when a colossal amount of money that was as whopping as GH¢800,000 was budgeted for creation of website, with our political saviour, president Akufo Addo being the "gang leader".

Many other scandals rocked his anti-corruption government from ministerial appointments to parliamentary bribery scandals that many Ghanaians who attempted to lambast, lampoon, and scandalize the government for "reversing" their oaths of offices within few months into their administration were only subjected to the threats of the CID.

You recall the CID's needless invitations of people who made corruption allegations against the government?

Fellow "gullible Ghanaians", not all that glitters is gold.

And Benjamin Franklin once observed, that guests are like fish, they start to rot after three days.

The government of saints with Angel president Akuffo Addo as the head is beginning to face the vagaries of power: how it corrupts, and how absolute of it corrupts absolutely!

It is too early to lose hope in our most awaited political Messiah and veteran administrator, President Akufo Addo, who nearly swore "Antoa Nyame" to get all our long years of suffering as a result of unfortunate incompetence vanish into thin air, now mimicking the previous administrations whose defective handling of our affairs as a country brought us our present purposeless lamentations and pain!

When I read from the now rather seemingly "accursed mouth" of the NPP's maverick and unshakable supporter, who, during the campaign, openly advertised his political colors in exchange of few cedis with his career as a musician, Kwame A-plus, about the rather unwise and not commonsensical decision taken by government to approve 6.5 million cedis for road safety campaign, I noticed I had instant "erection" in my boxer!

What a miracle!?

All hope is not lost, I thought, when I discovered that the president was not just paying lips service about his intention to convert our beloved country Ghana to an Eldorado, and a silicon valley, and get our white collar wicked thieves that developed the longest pockets over the years for carting away of our meager resources punished in Nsawam, but president Akufo Addo's legacy, in terms of corruption, if care is not taken, truth be told, is going to be the worst ever in the pantheon of our history as a people despite the countless sugarcoated promises promised us.

Mr. President, how much would a Land cruiser as a gift from a foreign contractor be bought if 6.5 million cedis is used for road safety campaign?

You are our last hope and you cannot afford to let Ghanaians down Mr. President.

Our hope and destiny as youth is in your hand as well as the democratic and economic dignity of this country.

Mr. President 6.5 million cedis can certainly not be used for safety campaign when we have deathtraps mistaken as potholes on our roads!

Unless "political lunacy" Mr. President, such a gargantuan sum cannot be used for road safety campaign when streetlights are not in good shape as the "okra mouthed" A-plus pointed out.

That will certainly amount to cerebral challenges accentuated by deep seated corruption on the part of the government which will be an obvious repetition of "create, loot, and share" as the mantra of every government.

Mr. President, are the campaigners campaigning to World Cup Russia 2018 with such heartrending sum of amount for safety campaign?

Ghana will be doomed if your government fails us by yielding to the inordinate demands of the "political vultures and scavengers" that have surrounded you for opportunity to wax the national kitty with their hungry beaks.

At least, we still have one honest man with big heart for us as our leader in the person of you, President Akufo Addo.

But the way and manner your administration is being ran, we are only afraid that you may incarnate Mobutu of Dr. Congo, May God forbid though.

May you live long Mr. President.

May God give you the uncommon courage to punish thieves whose inactions in your administration will eventually sink our political leadership ship.

Long Live Ghana.

Columnist: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem