Opinions Thu, 8 Sep 2016

Re: PCG moderator's bribery scandal

By Akyeampong Emmanuel Osei

My attention has been drawn to a misleading, false and propaganda oriented press release from the Public Relations Department of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana signed by one Rev George Larbi and wish to react as follows:

1. That, the receipt of the alleged bribery of my $100,000 and a V8 vehicle from a leading opposition party was in 2012.

2. That, my appointment as the Public Relations Officer of the church was terminated unfairly and illegally not on the grounds of having engaged myself in any form of fraud but rather for refusing to accept an inducement money of $50,000 through Prof. Martey from a leading opposition party to advocate on their behalf. The matter was reported to the National Labour Commission and is still pending.

3. That my values are perfect and would be attested to by all who have encountered me personally and professionally.

4. That, l challenge the Moderator to a public discourse on the issue within 48 hours to set the records straight.

5. That, Prof Martey is a corrupt and politically influenced individual who is hiding behind the cassock to pursue his own personal agenda.

6. That, Prof Martey is a threat to national security and his utterances should not be entertained by the media to help sustain the hard earned peace of the state.

7. That, l would like to ask Prof Martey the following questions:

a. Why did he not report those who tried to bribe him to the police?

b. Why is he now making the disclosure especially at the time that he is exiting and also when the political activity is at its peak?

c. Is the statement the official position of the church or his?

d. Why is he dodging the media and myself and instead adopting a monologue communication?

8. That, my motivation for blowing the whistle was to ensure that leaders particularly the clergy purge themselves before criticizing political leaders.

9. That, l would like to urge all my well-wishers to ignore the false publications which form part of a strategy to divert attention from the abuse of power and the disgrace that Prof. Emmanuel Mammah Martey has brought to himself and the PCG globally during his tenure.

Columnist: Akyeampong, Emmanuel Osei