Re: Responses to Mr. Rawlings Asking for Justice

Wed, 6 Apr 2011 Source: Biney, Stephen



Mr. Rawlings,

we all appreciate you sensitivity and compassionate demonstrations towards the

gruesome, grisly, horrific and barbaric murder of Yaa- Naa’s and his elders. I

fully support your energy and effort to bring to book those who did this

horrendous act. Your call for unsullied investigations is completely welcome.

Also, we all

know that Mr. Rawlings is a proponent of equal right and justice. That is, Rawlings

believed in using the same measuring stick for everyone. So if Mr. Rawlings is

calling on the authorities to do everything within their means to find the perpetrators

of Ya Na’s case, the Andani’s are not the only Ghanaians who have suffered or

denied justice. A number of Ghanaians have suffered comparable fate in the

hands of Mr. Rawlings AFRC / PNDC.

One clear

example was the terrible and unspeakable killings of the THREE HIGH COURT

JUDGES on June 30th 1982. These operations must have and need new

and fresh investigations to unearth who is or were behind the dreadful act. Therefore,

I am calling on Mr. Rawlings to also advocate for justice for the families of

the THREE HIGH COURT JUDGES because every Ghanaian deserves justice.

Kwame Asante

Washington State, USA

Columnist: Biney, Stephen