Re: Rev. Agyin Asare, we don’t agree with you

Paul Adom Otchere, Host, Good Evening Ghana New Paul Adom-Otchere, host of Good Evening Ghana

Tue, 30 Jun 2020 Source: Abraham Robert Asiedu

Dear Mr. Paul Adom Otchere, last Thursday I watched your “theological commentary” on the statements made by The Presiding Bishop, Bishop Charles Agyin Asare on COVID-19 and the partial lifting of the ban on Church gatherings.

Unfortunately, I found various aspects of your commentary inconsistent with scripture, the organization of The Church as revealed in The Bible, and also misleading in some parts, making your “call for calm” rather sound like a call which will worsen the current state of Churches and believers in Ghana.

I have taken some time to transcribe all that you aired, including references to your previous interviews, and I am going to make general comments (for lack of time) on most parts of your statements.

I believe this piece is worth reading on your program, to correct any

misconceptions you have propagated by your “theological commentary”, which I perceive is largely due to the fact that matters of The Word of God and The Church are not your area of command – journalism.

Read below the full rejoinder below:

Columnist: Abraham Robert Asiedu