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A DeProfessor Stephen Adei

Mon, 15 Aug 2016 Source: Kuunifaa, Cletus D

And the week came to pass…phew and so are the divisive comments from a Professor called Adei.

I last checked it was this same individual in 2007, who wanted to appropriate professorial status for non-conduct of research in academia; was hauled to court for fake professorship and later acquitted. What’s troubling this time around is his divisive tribal comments.

Such divisive vituperation coming from the mouth of a full-fledged Professor leaves much to be desired. It does not help in nation building, is a disservice to the nation, much as it is probably a side attraction in an election year.

The renowned Professor is well aware of the fact that we are at the cusp of an election and election times are fragile, charged and volatile. The least we expect from professional individuals like him is to be sowing seeds of discord while fanning or embracing ethnic bigotry.

We appreciate what he is done for the good of society and do not anticipate for him to negate the core ethical principles of men of integrity. I feel that such divisive comments are just a passing and hope that I am wrong.

As James Avoka Asamani puts it succinctly in his piece, the 1992 constitution enjoins the president to ensure regional balance in his appointments. The North is made up of three (3) out of the ten (10) regions in Ghana: Northern, Upper East and Upper West.


The three already constitute 30% of the 10 regions. Granted that the claims by Prof. Adei that one out of every four of the President’s appointments come from his area of origin is true, the President would not be violating the principle of regional balance as captured in the directive principles of state policy.

It is needless to refer to the infamous comments from former President Kufour during his tenure that he found no qualified individual from the Upper West to serve on his cabinet. We have moved on as a nation and I am sure former President Kufour has regretted his actions. After all, didn’t the NPP make some inroads in the Upper West in recent elections?

This Professor must understand that there are many good independent minded voters from the three northern regions who do not sympathize with the NDC and such comments portend some calamitous happening at the impending elections.

What Professor Adei is doing, his assumptions, perceptions, intentions; I just don’t believe that the motley of President’s appointees would have been from the President’s area of origin, if he were imputing nepotism. The Professor just headed off to his sometimes crazy and anything-but-bigotry comment and became the opposite of peace, instantly!

Best put, this professor must spare us his illogical emotional automatic xenophobic rhetoric at all cost of time. Is it a ploy for him to jump at any issue where there is none to stay in the limelight?

Why has he been tongue tied sometimes in the past regarding nepotism only to burst out as if Ghana has just emerged and has been christened? Was he blind to see real issues of nepotism, so glaring in past administrations?

Honestly speaking, assertive criticisms are certainly good for reform in Ghana. Constructive criticism surely must be welcome news. But what is not good is to engage in some “deficit” research study for findings that are skewed, utterly bias, grossly disgusting and yet misleading. How unethical to come across as unprofessional with such a deficit research study.

That is why I do think that this Professor once relevant is now IRRELEVANT to me. He is part of the group of people strategizing for personal interest, fanning ethnocentrism but what Ghana needs right now are people who can come up with solutions, generate ideas, construct knowledge and put that to use to turn the nation around for prosperity and for posterity.

Enough respect to those Professors who are really doing the heavy lifting by engaging in professional research for findings to inform policy formulation in Ghana!

The problem this Professor has is, where there is nothing profound or intrinsically valuable about what he does, take delight in blowing issues that do not deserve criticism out of proportion and out of the blue, he comes out with his unprofessional, unethical bias findings, or otherwise stupid stuff in dribs and drabs that do not move the needle at all in terms of constructive and critical thinking that he is supposed to be engaged in.

It is not true that the President has one out of every four appointees from his area of origin. To preempt and suggest any nonsense and rhetoricize it as though it were some sage research findings is symptomatic of the un academic bigot-like behavior that this Professor exhibits time and time again.

He is a total waste of space and time. He must have clue as to what is allowed from his mouth. Lest, he is categorized otherwise! When students come alive that nothing qualifies him to present scientific research findings, when Ghanaians begin to doubt his expertise and ideas, when his credibility erodes through deficit research, then havoc beckons and it would be about time he gives us a break!


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Columnist: Kuunifaa, Cletus D