Reading Should Be Given Recognition Among The Youth

Thu, 27 Dec 2012 Source: Amlado, Koffi

Many people have recognized reading as the only means by which humans could be successful in academic industry. However, most of the western countries make reading their first priority, whereas Africans perceive it as a means of burden. How do Ghanaians recognize reading related to their developmental achievement? No doubt, we often hear people make comment about how cynical they perceive reading which is described alarming among Ghanaians.

Those who are ignorant of their own wellbeing, describe reading as part of activities undertaking by novices, who are yet to embark on learning a new language. They however regard reading less important in their own perspectives. Some other individuals also, prove themselves supercilious, and infer reading to those undertaking learning in schools and Universities.

These apathies toward reading in Ghanaians communities are gradually affecting the standard of our education in Ghana and Africa as a continent. The negative aspect of this apathy toward reading involves lack of an effective communication skill which embraces both the spoken and the written aspects.

How do we value reading at this very moment when people in Europe, America and Asia make books a charity? Some of us rarely read; even if it is a letter written from our love ones, we pay little attentions to its reading. We make out books a menace anytime we are being asked to read. Nobody knows whether it is lack of time or the idea of perceiving reading unimportant in our recent generation.

It is about time we understand the importance of reading and the need to enforce its good deed in our young children.

The importance of reading includes; self-confidence when addressing a crowd. It gives credit when one could communicate freely without any hindrance. It also adds an incredible reputation to an individual people who might have been professed otherwise as a prejudice before a challenging communication task. Once we are convinced with the importance of reading, how best are we prepared to encourage our young children to plunge into serious reading? What are the roles of the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service? The two agencies, perhaps, could reinforce the reading, through the redesigning of the educational curriculum in order that it boosts the reading interest in young children round from the early part of their education to tertiary level. And to we, the parents, how often do we encourage our children to read before going to bed? How come children so desperate to keep on about reading while their keen interests gear toward music and movies?

We must remember that we can create the reading interest in our children; we can make it vibrant and lucrative; so as they become scholars through reading. There are many books out there for pleasure and informational reading, but make sure you let your child read what build him intellectually and morally advanced. For him to read the latest novel in titled; THE PRICE OF ADVENTURE AND PASSION, it lets him be informed of the current affaires and it also adds an asset to his reading skills. That is the most recent novel written by Koffi Amlado. Keep on boosting your child's academic interest through constant reading urging. His future is bright and you must work towards it now!!!!

By: Koffi Amlado


Columnist: Amlado, Koffi