Referendum: 'Loudmouth' Abronye worsening things for Akufo-Addo

ABRONYE DC WIN Bono Regional Chairman of NPP, Abronye DC

Mon, 18 Nov 2019 Source: Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo

I arrived from our maiden edition of our JM Challenge and my inbox flooded with a news from peacefmonline on how the guy called Abronye described the whole National House of Chiefs as goats for declaring their stand on the upcoming referundum in December.

I wonder why Abronye could descend with his rotten mouth on the eminent Chiefs who have made their stand known to the general public on the fraudulent referundum Nana Addo is pushing for.

Personally I know Abronye talks before thinking but never knew he could go about insulting our respected monarchs because they disagree with the stand of his party.

I feel bad descending into gutters with pigs but the guy called Abronye always behave abnormally and need corrections. I wish he could learn from the Bono Regional Chairman for the NDC, Ambassador Nyamekye Marfo and be wise.

I wonder why NPP should give power to such a person who has become nuisance to Ghana. If not for politics who is Abronye to insult our eminent Chiefs of the entire sixteen regions including his Paramount in Upper West Region.

This guy has worsened the plight of Nana Addo's stand on the Referundum.

This is a guy who doesn't have any basic certificate but claims he is reading law in a private university. This is a claim we shall investigate to its peak.

This is not the first time the he-goat called Abronye has insulted prominent people in this country.

If not for Npp how could an illiterate like Abronye with small brain be speaking nonsense to PhD holders and professors who have struggled to climb the ladder of success.

Small boy like Abronye who is not respected by anyone in his party could get mouth to talk nonsense.

He should start thinking of how to go into exile in Germany to live in the House he has bought. Ghana can never contain his Nonsense and the good people of Ghana after 2020.

We in NDC will continue to listen to our eminent Chiefs as custodians of our lands and traditions and will continue to take advice from them.

May God continue to bless our Chiefs.

Columnist: Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo
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