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Regrettable Maintenance Culture In Ghana.

If development

is about the progress made or being made in any aspect or sphere, then the

government of the country and Ghanaians must know that development of the

country is not about only constructing road, bridges, flyovers and buildings

without maintaining them. As the construction of these roads, flyovers and buildings

are important so are the maintenance to both the ordinary Ghanaian and the

government of the day.

Many constructions have been done since time immemorial

up to date, can any government of this country proudly say that maintenance of

these facilities are dear to their heart, and are among their priorities? The

only thing Ghanaians get from their leaders and the various governments are only

construction of other facilities, what about the old ones that have already

been constructed. Maintenance of these facilities is important as far as

development of this country is concerned.

In this country every political party comes with its

own agenda and priorities to do its own things, which are not bad since they

all have something good for the country. All these things are good but the fact

of the matter is that why they can not continue developmental projects that

other government or a past government started. When such a thing happens, the

development of the country as far as constructions are concerned and

development of the country will surely come to a halt. Looking at the number of

roads, flyovers and drainage systems, who will say that police and security

barriers have never been built for the security personnel of this country

before? The only thing is that these facilities were not maintained for long

and so the facilities are getting destroyed by various actions and for various reasons

in this country.

If this country needs development then we need to

stop the shunning act on the maintenance of developmental and constructing

projects and also make sure that the various projects started by various past

governments and should be completed by the various currents or supplanted

governments. A constructed road, bridges, flyovers and drainage systems in the

country when maintained brings a lot of ease in movement. In terms of road

construction and bridges and drainage systems that help avoid various diseases

in the country and to prevent accidents. Maintenance of such facilities in the

country is the responsibility of both the ordinary Ghanaian and the government

of the country. Ghanaians are not supposed to litter the various drainage systems

in the country and the government must also make sure that the various

constructions in this country must be guided and done appropriately so as to

bring development. Constructing of facilities in this country must not be

political. The right thing must be done at the right time with the right mindset.

The STX deal is right for this country because it

will aid development but the chief question to be asked is that will those

buildings be maintained? It is my fervent hope that the government will do its

best to practice a better maintenance culture this time.

Lamptey Alfred


Alfredlamptey88@ yahoo.com

Columnist: Lamptey, Alfred