Rejoinder: Freaky Fadi is deaf and dumb, he can’t even read, Citi FM's CEO Samens resigned last year

Mon, 18 Mar 2019 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

It is quite scandalous to note that a person with little integrity or self-esteem as Samens would resort to diversionary tactics accusing me of dumbness and blindness that he is irredeemably afflicted with.

The article he had posted against me for which this rejoinder became purposeful smacks of foul indiscretion and unwholesome nonsense.

How can someone alleged to have lived a youth of drunkenness and drug affliction speak to issues that his outfit has totally misrepresented. In any case if there is anything to say about Samen’s nauseating haughtiness, the fact that he was unable to read the apology rendered in my earlier article when I realised that he was made to resign as the Head of the Coastal Development Authority speaks volumes. Someone as Samuel Atta-Mensah, who can hardly develop any mental condition to handle himself with any respect to reflect on his family and shameful outfit can certainly not be worth any position.

Some of us do not work for the party to be in positions of authority. On the contrary, we are of the view that it is the preserve of the President to appoint his officers. If we got we are thankful, and if we didn’t we are still grateful for being under his leadership as watchdogs over people like Samens, whose incompetence drove him out of the door barely six months into office. What a shame!

For the benefit of the doubt, the reader must know that in the article titled, “Of Multi-Media, Citi FM, and Multi-headed Serpents in our Midst”, I rendered an unqualified apology, which states as follows: “By the way, let me apologise to the reader for requesting the president to sack Samens. I was updated on his issue and informed that he was asked to resign barely six months into office as The Head of Coastal Development Authority. I missed that one, much apologies. Maybe, he was fished out as a mole and made to resign.”

Anyway, the article that he wrote was a clear indication of his failure. The irony of a madman calling his Doctor a madman! How won’t he be the one behind it when he sent me copy on WhatsApp followed by an insult? Check the screenshot attached below.

However, in all honesty, if there should be an unsubstantiated upheaval in this country due to the treasonable offence of the NDC and Media Houses like Citi FM and Multi-Media, Ghanaians must then take it upon themselves to obliterate them to serve as deterrents for future journalists to understand that Ghana is neither for sale nor for rent to the highest bidder.

Henceforth, ethical journalism should be the yardstick and not the fake values peddled by Citi FM and Multi-Media, as well as the likes of Samuel Atta-Mensah.

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi