Rejoinder; Ghanaians need food, shelter and energy not Ropal

Tue, 5 Jun 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The Ghanaian voice article dated 25th May 2007 which Kofi Wayo comments made on implementation of the representation of people amendment law, that the issues are not important, proves a point to show you how feeble minded he is. Without the implementation of Ropal Bill, Ghanaians abroad are being classified as carpet beggars interms of out voting rights in our nation’s constitution. Kofi Wayo should realize that within the1992 constitution on article (290)e on amendment of entrenched provision categorically referred to article (42). This provision gives rights to every Ghanaian citizen to vote. So stop your nonsense.

Kofi Wayo’s assertions on these issues show kind of person he is and how he conducts himself. Nobody should ever waste time on him. He is just a waste! He talks without using his commonsense. Ever since he left the NPP party and formed his own, he has made some public statements in regard to socioeconomic developments. If you analyze his statements and digest into rational principles, one will realize that this individual actually doesn’t know what he is saying or doing. I wonder what sort of education he had that he wants people to vote for him to become president. Although education does not for only intelligent it helps mankind to defines one’s ability to elevate a person who wanted to rule a country like Ghana.

Kofi Wayo should realize that Ghanaians are not amorphous to allow any body who has feeble minded to become their leader. Such a person should be able to demonstrate leadership skills, organization, innovative ideas, policy making, and finally a realist person who has the abilities to make decision effectively.Some brain power from charismatic person whose public language will also inspire the nation. However, Kofi Wayo said, “The implementation of the representation of people’s amendment law ropal should not be the priority of the government. What Ghanaians need are food, shelter and energy.” The purpose of every Ghanaian outside the country is to support their families with shelters and a necessity which is includes food and energy. I think Kofi Wayo needs to go to a library and find some books from John F Kennedy memoirs and acknowledge his phrase on what a citizen can do to his country, but not what the country could do for them. The voting rights for Ghanaians abroad is more important to democracy than what you want the government to do for the citizens. Without this voting right for Ghanaians aboard, Ghana is not operating according to the democratic principles. The majority of its citizens who are outside are a being disfranchised. This signifies that the country is not operating on democratic level. For Kofi Wayo’s information, if the electoral commissions fail to implement these policies to allow Ghanaians aboard to vote, I will vigorously finance the entire law suit that will be filed against the electoral commissioner for re-elections.

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi