Opinions Mon, 20 Sep 2010

Rejoinder: Kofi Totobi Quakyi – Ghanaian Con Artist

Totobi Replies The (So Called) Dan Asamoah


My attention has been drawn to two feature articles written by one Dan Asamoah which appeared on Ghanaweb on September 5, 2010 and September 16, 2010 respectively. Both articles captioned “Kofi Totobi Quakyi – Ghanaian Con Artist” contain a pack of lies and fabrications and I will proceed to expose the publications as scurrilous, deeply irresponsible and transparently false.

To begin with, I do not recall any schoolmate at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) called Dan Asamoah. This so-called schoolmate comes across as a disgusting individual lacking in personal decency, self esteem and basic common sense and I cannot imagine me ever associating with such a character if he indeed exists. I am by nature very cautious in my dealings with people. I am very discerning and I don’t suffer fools that easily. Indeed, I have many decent-minded, thoughtful, generous and sincere comrades and friends who have been of tremendous help to me in times of ill health and other personal difficulties and who would not for any reason resort to such diabolical, indiscreet and irresponsible publications

Let me state categorically that I have never had any dealings with any person by name Dan Asamoah. I have never, ever solicited nor received any money from any Dan Asamoah anywhere for any purpose. Let me also state that the writer’s claim that he met me in the USA 'sometime between 2002 and 2003' is a big lie and a figment of the imagination of someone whose mental proclivity may be suspect. I was nowhere in the US during the period he claims to have met me. Records at the US Department of Homeland Security will attest to this. I also have my Ghanaian passport as vivid proof.

Let me further state that the writer’s allegation that the NDC chapter in the Washington Metro area in the USA contributed monies to pay for my medical treatment is untrue and they have already publicly said so.

I find it most imprudent and irresponsible for Dan Asamoah to seek to engulf my innocent children in his reckless plot to malign me. His claim that my children are students of Columbia Medical School and Albert Medical School is wide off the mark. None of them is, and none of them ever studied in the US between 2002-2003 when the so called Asamoah claimed to have given me monies which I ended up using to pay for their education in the US.

My children are among several kids from schools across Ghana who since 2008 have gained admission into Ivy League and other top class institutions courtesy scholarship/financial aid support on account of their academic excellence and exceptional qualities. As it would be imprudent as a parent to provide details of my kids on this medium, I am prepared to show to Mr. Akoto, CEO of Ghanaweb evidence of their scholarship awards. I therefore respectfully request the CEO to contact me at his earliest convenience to examine the evidence for himself. He should request the so-called Asamoah to do same. Thereafter I would expect him to make a short note on Ghanaweb confirming the evidence before him.

The so called Dan Asamoah is a vicious, deceitful person who may have been purposely invented by certain forces (probably within) to malign me. But whether real or not, such characters do not deserve audience on Ghana web because in my view the price of posting a feature article on Ghanaweb should be an obligation to write sense, be truthful and factually accurate.

Now, permit me to give a brief introduction of the man described as a Ghanaian con artist.

I am Totobi Quakyi who, in the early 1970's, while a student in sixth form, was appointed regional member of the African Liberation Fund (Ghana). At the time I held leadership positions in Ghana United Nations Students Association [GUNSA], Pan African Youth Movement [PANYMO] and Debating Society among others.

As a student at the University of Cape Coast, I was elected President of Atlantic Hall Junior Common Room (JCR).I was later elected President of NUGS. Alongside the brave and courageous student leaders of the era we fought for change in order to restore a sense of direction in our dear country, Ghana.

I was a Teaching Assistant at the Dept. of History, University of Cape Coast and among the first group of graduates to be recruited into the TUC where I served as Administrative Manager of the largest union,, the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU). During that period I was also General Secretary of the Movement for Peace and Democracy, an Executive Member of Ghana Peace and Solidarity Council and founding member of the erstwhile Kwame Nkrumah Revolutionary Guards (KNRG)

In the early period of the PNDC I was appointed Deputy PNDC Secretary and later substantive Secretary (i.e. Minister). I am the longest serving Minister of Information in Ghana’s history having held the post for close to 11years. Under my watch, we introduced colour TV transmission and extended for the first time in our history TV coverage to the Northern, Upper, Brong Ahafo and Volta Regions. FM radio stations, both public and private came into existence under my watch serving under the leadership of President Rawlings.

I was once Minister for National Security of the Republic of Ghana and was in office in December 2000 when Ghana made that historic and peaceful transition from one elected Government to the other. I ceased to hold political office in January 2001 and have since moved on to do other things in my capacity as a private citizen. In this regard, let it be clear to that Dan Asamoah and his acolytes that I don't owe them any explanation how I manage my affairs, where and how I educate my children or how I keep body and soul together.

I have served and continue to serve on boards both public and private as well as various International bodies. I have spoken at conferences, seminars etc in over 30 countries. My speeches are cited in thesis and other publications across the world.

I am a proud member of the Methodist Men’s fellowship. God has blessed me in many ways and so I always praise and glorify Him. I am patron of several Christian, Social and Voluntary bodies. I am a proud recipient of several awards the latest being an award by the St. Augustine’s Past Students Union (APSU) for meritorious service in national development.

I was born in Sekondi into a fairly prosperous family. I was well brought up. I am married to a highly successful woman entrepreneur who is a textile technologist by profession who has run her own private business for over twenty five years. Together, we have raised brilliant children who have found favour before God. I am not a faceless entity and I am seen ever so often in the Ghanaian media. I stand tall among my peers (and I imagine this would include Dan Asamoah).

Finally, to all who have rallied to my support in defense of truth I say God bless you, and may He avenge our enemies and put them to shame. I assure them all that I remain the same irrepressible, outspoken, fearless, focused, fair-minded, kind-hearted, loyal, honest and God-fearing KTQ they have known throughout the years.

I rest my case.

Columnist: Quakyi, Kofi Totobi