Rejoinder: Kwabena Dufuor Is Cause of Chaos in NDC

Mon, 15 Nov 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I am obliged to post this response to rebut a shallow and selfishly expressed view

about Dr Kwabena Dufuor, the current Finance Minister, as published on Ghanaweb on

Friday, 12th November 2010.

One Seth Ofori, a former Communications Director of the National Democratic Congress

(NDC) is having a dig at Dr. Kwabena Dufuor, the current Finance Minister of Ghana.

He says he does not see "why Dr. Kwabena Dufuor should be controlling the purse of

the state, when he was not in the trenches with them during probably the PNDC era

and the early stages of the formation of the NDC party. Seth contends that the party

could boast of equally competent people to handle the position and that the Finance

Minister was no where around when the economic policy of the NDC party was being

drawn, yet he is the one calling the shots today".

I am really disgusted to read such preposterous sweeping comments as issued by his

fellow NDC guru with intent to hurt and endanger the effective execution of the

Minister's duties. My only consolation lies in the fact that the NDC hardliner, Seth

Ofori, said, "the party could boast of equally competent people within the NDC to

handle the Minister's post". If the Minister, being first and foremost a citizen of

Ghana is equally as competent as the purported unknown NDC persons to handle the

ministry, what is the sound logic behind that absurd campaign to relieve him of his

post then? If it had been that the unmentioned persons within the NDC were far

competent and better than Dr. Kwabena Dufuor then Seth Ofori would have been spared

my whipping cane and needless embarrassment. But as it stands I will have no choice

but to point out his mistakes to him which in the end will lay bare his folly for

all to see.

It must be noted that Kwabena Dufuor is a selfless individual of integrity who has

volunteered to serve his nation to the best of his ability. He has always

endeavoured to be of service to his people, his country Ghana, and humanity at

large. His dynamism and honesty which transcend the limit of thoughts and political

divides have made him such a respected and respectable individual within both the

current NDC government and Ghana as a whole. I should think the NDC needs him more

than he needs the NDC if it wasn't for the sake of the betterment of Ghana.

Unfortunately, most of the people instead of applauding him for his good job done

are rather plotting against him as could be deduced from those deplorable statements

by Seth Ofori. We should please think and reason as One people, One Nation, and with

a Common destiny. The interest of the nation should come before that of a party.

Until we realise this, Ghanaians will have a long tortuous journey to make in search

of peace and prosperity. It quite abhors to always seeing NDC guys agitating to be

accorded priority and be well looked after by the government as though Ghana belongs

to only the NDC.

Seth Ofori reasoning like most NDC activists and gurus questions why Kwabena Dufuor,

my Kumawuman compatriot, is allowed by President Atta Mills to control the nation's

purse? He is not making himself clear to me here. Who does he want to be nominated

or appointed to control the purse? For one thing I know about Kwabena, he is such a

judicious person when it comes to spending money. He always wants to account for

every pesewa used, why it was used and how? He will spend Ghana's money on useful

projects beneficial to the majority of the people at each given time. Is he starving

the "kalabule" guys within the party of money they would otherwise have squandered

without offering proper accounting? Many are those that see politics as an arena for

making money. Is Kwabena proving those guys with their eyes and minds fixated on

misappropriating State money wrong by not helping their dreams to come to pass? If

not, why this diatribe by Seth Ofori and his entire


It is sad for NDC to have that wrong perception that their interests are to be

catered for at the expense of the entire nation. Whatever it takes, they should

always be heard and granted their wish. The fact that Kwabena Dufuor was not among

those that sat around that long table to draw the NDC's economic policies as

asserted by Seth Ofori does not make him less competent and uncaring. All pointers

prove that he has laid sound economic foundations to enable Ghana stand on her feet.

The Cedi has stabilized. He has initiated policies to make Ghana produce greater

part of the food she consumes. Has he not implemented policies to revive some of the

nation's dilapidated industries?

I will advise my countrymen especially the NDC that Ghana belongs to all but not to

a particular section or grouping of persons. Ghana does not belong to only the

members of the ruling political party and will never be. Politics should not be seen

as a means to acquiring easy money. Seth Ofori, I hope I have made myself clear to

you by this quick response.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson