Rejoinder: NDC acquires 20-acre land for “party school”

Thu, 9 Oct 2014 Source: Essien, Daniel

Dr. Frank Essien

“The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has completed negotiations for a 20-acre land meant for the establishment of an ideological school for the party, its national organizer has revealed” My jaw dropped when I read this article published by Ghanaweb, quoting myjoyonline.com. I hope this is not accurate.

In many of my articles on national issues I do not fail to categorically state that I am writing or commenting on an issue because I love Mother Ghana and that I am apolitical. I do not belong to any political group in Ghana so my comment on this current issue should be seen from an apolitical view point.

I hope that the statement that the land is meant for the establishment of the said ideological school is just a proposal and not a decision to go ahead to build and bring into reality an ideological school. I have no doubt that the NDC has excellent individuals who have foresight and can discern what should be the priorities of a party in government which is facing enormous economic burdens, including IMF Conditionalities, instead of an ideological school. There is no gainsaying that an ideological school for a party cannot produce the so-called qualified individuals as leaders for present day Ghana. This is a dream and the NDC should get out of this stupor. If the Chinese example is what is driving this idea, then more research needs to be done. The China we see and know now is not the China that depends on ideological schools. Instead of visiting China’s Communist party schools, the NDC leaders should at least visit major universities and research centers in the United States and they will be surprised at the number of Chinese nationals there. These individuals complete their work/studies and return to China and they are the engines driving the economic and social prosperities of the China we know now and not those from the ideological schools. 

Modern day economic prosperity and advancement of nations are not built on ideological pedagogy. Ironically, while nations, including China, are hyping STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as their educational mantra we in Ghana are thinking of an ideological school for a political party. Is the NDC out of ideas? Don’t get me wrong. I am not doing the bidding of any political party in Ghana, check my writings. I am just appalled by the lack of constructive ideas for the welfare of a nation by a political party in power. If it is the establishment of a school that makes the NDC tick, please consider building a trade school on this land instead of an ideological school for the party. Please drop this idea and come out with innovative things that could propel Mother Ghana into the same league of prosperous nations. If we tout Ghana as a beacon of emerging democracy in Africa then dabbling in archaic communist institutions like an ideological school should not excite us. Long Live Ghana!

Frank Essien, Ph.D.

University at Albany

Albany, New York.

Columnist: Essien, Daniel