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Rejoinder: NPP To Stop Using Gyan´S Tape As Propaganda

Our attention has been drawn to an article which appeared on Ghanaweb (12 September 2012) under the caption “NPP to stop using Gyan´s tape as Propaganda` by one Mensah Doworkpor a paid NDC serial caller and self-styled head of a non-existent NDC Communication Team in Germany.

Normally NPP-Germany does not respond to such badly written and poorly edited crap coming from charlatans and rift-rafts. However, we have decided to respond this time with the view to setting the records straight so that fiction does not become fact.

In their desperation to divert attention from the diabolical plot by Boateng Gyan to unleash a reign of terror on the people of Ghana, the writer sought to question the authenticity of the tape even though Mr Yaw Boateng Gyan has by his own admission accepted that it was his voice .It is thus strange, absurd and dishonest for the so called NDC communication team in Germany to suggest otherwise.

What is even more bizarre is the assertion by the writer that the revelations contained in the infamous Boateng Gyan tape was a matter for the NDC to resolve and that no other Ghanaian has the right to express an opinion. This type of reasoning defies all logic and common sense and can only come from people on the fringes of lunacy. Indeed the matters raised in the tape borders on national security, peace and stability of Ghana and amounts to treason. As such every Ghanaian has a stake and interest in contributing to the discourse and debate on such an important national issue.

As a responsible political party that believes in democracy and political pluralism, the NPP would continue to expose and speak out against the evil machinations of the NDC government in its attempt to plunge the country into political chaos. We are convinced that freedom of expression constitutes one of the essential foundations of a democratic society and we would exercise that right without any fear of intimidation.

In a blatant display of their ignorance, these narrow-minded bigots tried to castigate former President Kuffour for daring to speak his mind on the creation of the 45 new constituencies. It is rather unfortunate that people who claim to be speaking for the NDC in Germany seem not to understand or appreciate the fact President Kuffour as a Ghanaian statesman has every right to advice or even caution the EC if and when necessary. With the exception of the so called NDC communication team in Germany all right-thinking Ghanaians are thankful to the former President for the principled stand that he took regarding the creation of the new constituencies just three months before the general election. Moreover, the question that most Ghanaians are asking is this. Since when did the NDC become the official spokesperson for the EC? By their misguided and often infantile utterances the so called NDC communication team in Germany has only succeeded in exposing themselves to public ridicule and embarrassment.

We wish to put on record that the NPP has never advocated the use of violence as a means of resolving political conflicts and the history of our party clearly demonstrates that. At the same time the NPP is not oblivious to our right to self-defense which is recognized and acceptable under international law. Our position is that we reserve the right to resist any attempt to deny us of our democratic right .We would defend our votes, protect our ballot boxes from being carried away by imposters who may claim to be members of national security .This is to ensure that Ghanaians are not disenfranchised by tugs and bandits parading as agents of national security. Even our national anthem imposes a duty on all Ghanaians to resist oppressor`s and this include the right to protect and defend our young democracy.

Furthermore, the authors of the article seem to know very little about the history of their party-the NDC. This is a party that was created out of violence, built on violence, believes in violence, preaches and practices violence. In keeping with the culture of violence that had become an integral part of the NDC mindset, the then Candidate Mills ( alias asomdwehene) in 2007 warned that Ghana will look like Kenya if the NCD does not win the election. Similar irresponsible statements were made by Ohene Agyekum the then Regional chairman of NDC now Ghana´s Ambassador to the United States. Has the one-man NDC communication team in Germany forgotten the declaration of Jihad (holy war) by Baba Jamal during the Akwatia by-election.?

We wish to remind Ghanaians that the tugs and hooligans who went on the rampage by attacking public buildings and forcibly removing MCEs, DCEs and party officials from offices were not members of the NPP but that of the ruling NDC. Also the NDC- sponsored brutal murders of other Ghanaians in broad day light at Agbogbloshie, the unprovoked massacre of NPP supporters at chereponi, the mayhem unleashed on leading members of the NPP in Akwatia and the killing and maiming of several young men at Atiwa by no less a person than the National Women´s organizer of the NDC Ms Anita Desouso all point to the fact that the NDC is a party that has always encouraged and supported the use of violence as a political weapon.

It should be made clear to members of the NDC communication team in Germany that we are not in any way perturbed by the threat to alert their pay masters (national security) back home in Ghana. After all this is what they are being paid with our taxes to do and we are not surprised at this threat.

Finally, NPP Germany would want to assure Ghanaians that we would continue to expose the incompetence, ineptitude and massive corruption that have become the hall mark of the failed NDC government. As a party we would focus on issues that matter to Ghanaians including the ever depreciation of the cedi, non- payment of salaries of health workers particularly junior nurses, pharmacists, consultants, high youth unemployment, irregular supply of power, persistent water and gas shortages and the high cost of living. At the same time we will provide alternative, comprehensive and sustainable policy agenda which includes the provision of fee free senior secondary education, the modernization of agriculture and the transformation of the economy.

What Ghana needs and deserves at this crucial moment in our history is a new crop of leadership that is competent, committed and has the vision to move our country forward and this is what the Akufo-Addo- Bawumia ticket offers Ghanains.


Kwaku Anane-Gyinde

Director of Communications

NPP- Germany

Columnist: Anane-Gyinde, Kwaku