Rejoinder: NPP lacks visionary leadership - Mahama Part II

Tue, 23 Aug 2016 Source: Dabbousi, Fadi

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How much a visionary can John Mahama be when he tours the nation campaigning on blatant bigotry and tribalism, inciting faction against faction? His latest show of uselessness manifested when he went on tour of the Western Region admonishing the electorate not to vote for NPP because they helped overthrow Nkrumah.

What a preposterous thing to say! Has he soon forgotten that his party actually overthrew the first Northerner to legitimately take over the reins of Power in Ghana? Has he soon forgotten how the founder of the NDC, perpetrator of that crime, Jerry John Rawlings, harassed, maltreated, and made a misery of the humble life of Dr Hilla Limann, The Northerner? Has he soon forgotten?

The roads in the Western Region were never resurfaced as touted by John Mahama and his bandit liars except for a few miserable short stretches, overly priced and awarded on a sole sourcing basis. The majority of roads there remain as treacherous as they have ever been under the NDC, and even worse.

That region alone has some of the highest traffic accidents and deaths ever recorded in Ghana. As dust cannot remain swept under the carpet for too long, so also lies cannot be covered up for too long. Recently, on a trip to the hinterland of the Western Region, a group of NDC campaigners got stuck in one of the stretches that John Mahama had earlier claimed was a modern high tech road.

The irony was that they were on a mission of deceit to throw dust (errrr, "mud" that is ) into the eyes of the good inhabitants of the Region, irrespective of the predicament that John Mahama had forced on them. Having tasted the wrath of mother earth on that "modern high tech" mud road, the NDC liars walked the treacherous track with their filthy Party branded T-shirts, their lies having caught up with them.

When Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo exclaimed about the bad roads on his recent trip to the Western region, John Mahama insulted him by claiming that he was sleeping otherwise he would have noticed the modern high tech roads.

Then Baba Jamal, a known foul mouth and tribal bigot, said that Mahama's sleeping comment of Akufo addo was charitable. Has he ever wondered why his elders are so wretched? It must be because they hadn't the manners and social decorum to pass on to such a juvenile-minded jerk.

John Mahama must be grateful to Nana Akufo-Addo and his father for taking care of him right through university until he got the nod as deputy minister of communications under J.J. Rawlings. But would a born ingrate be?

The use of the evocative catchphrase "high tech road", though, by the President is more than a lie. In fact it goes into the Guinness Book of Records as the most inapt description of inefficiency, incompetency, and fallacy.

On the issue of the supposed new drainage system in Accra, visionless John Mahama signed a 795 million Dollar loan agreement that was procured to reconstruct the Accra drainage system, on the 10th March 2012. Well dodge! The money vapourised or must have leaked into someone's pocket especially that Okoe Vanderpuye was lobbying to be proffered with the title of Best mayor in Africa; a farce by all means!

Hundreds of millions of dollars were, purportedly, released for the purpose of reconstructing the drains over the years, but in 2015, nearly 200 people lost their lives, burned, electrocuted, and drowned due to the neglected drainage system for which the 795 million dollar loan was acquired.

At the one year memorial service that took place at kwame Nkrumah Circle where last year's disaster occurred, the surviving victims, affected families, and the nation were insulted once again by this disrespectful NDC government. Party labeled T-shirts were shared amongst the solemn mourners.

Of course most refused this insult outright. John Mahama, as usual made promises; the kind that he never honours, one of which was that flooding was a thing of the past.

Barely a few days before the 2016 floods, Okoe vanderpuye, the most useless mayor in the history of Ghana, announced with much pride that there will be no floods again. Lo and behold, the city of Accra went down, again, under a sea of torrents, never seen before. GOD manifested HIS anger.

The deluge was worse than last year's except that HIS mercy accompanied HIS wrath. The odaw river, which, supposedly, was dredged for free by Ibrahim Mahama, the President's brother, using the nation's equipment, flooded. And of course he was paid 200 million dollars "goro" money to thank him for his FREE work.

On the issue of vote buying, John Mahama was shown in a media gimmick, recently, sharing outboard motors for free. Then when the cameras were turned off, they were sold to the beneficiaries for seven thousand Cedis per unit, but issued receipts for 6000. That was what happened at Ekumfi in the Central Region, for example. John Mahama said he had done his best. Well, Mr. President, your best was so abysmal I wouldn't rattle along on this tangent if I were you.

The NDC is never found wanting for innovations in evil. I wish to make a call to all those who are sensible to take refuge in the NPP, for I have often surmised that foolishness is when one sees the perpetration of wrong and hails it.

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi