Opinions Sun, 22 May 2016

Rejoinder: Nana Kakra warns Dan Botwe to stay off his posters

The attention of Okere Constituency New Patriotic Party executives have

been drawn to a news caption “Nana Kakra warns Dan Botwe to stay off his

posters” of may 19, 2016 on ghanaweb; in which the NDC parliamentary

candidate for Okere accuses Hon. Dan Botwe of instructing his boys to

deface and remove his posters in some parts of the constituency.

In the first place this is absolute falsehood and it is never true that

anybody have been arrested for such acts. This is just a cheap infantile

tactics for him to gain undeserved attention knowing very well that any

news with the name of Hon. Dan Botwe will sell.

In any case so far as parliamentary election in Okere is concerned nana

Kakra is of no match. Surely the good people of Okere are solidly behind

Hon. Dan Botwe due to the tremendous improvement and his exemplary


We rather advice nana Kakra to focus his energy on solving the disunity he

has brought to his party the NDC in Okere. He does not accord the needed

regard to the MCE who was a former parliamentary aspirant for the NDC and

has led to the MCE withdrawing his support.

There have been numerous confrontations between his supporters and that of

the MCE to the extent that none of the known and active supporters of the

MCE joins nana Kakra in his campaign tour.

We want o let him know that if he has any one to issue a warning to; it

should go to his own people. We in the NPP are focused on maximizing votes

in Okere.

We ask that all discerning persons should treat his tantrums with all the

contempt it deserves. We also wish to add that we will not react to

anything he says- since as stated earlier it will be a means of him getting

undeserved attention.

We have issued this rejoinder out of the respect we have for the public but

will subsequently not respond to any of his childish falsehood.


Daniel Nana Addo Kenneth

(NPP Constituency Secretary-Okere)

Columnist: Kenneth, Daniel Nana Addo