CLOGSAG Rewards Failure

Thu, 3 May 2012 Source: Bannor, Richard Kwasi

In my previous articles, I articulated the importance of associations. An association in Ghana that should have proved the importance of association is CLOGSAG. CLOGSAG has lost its vision and has become a consortium of salary negotiation of which even they have tremendously failed.

On the 30 April 2012 CLOGSAG was in the news celebrating workers Day. To most of us especially in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture is very surprising.

The questions we are asking include:

1. What is CLOGSAG celebrating; failure or incompetence?

2. What have they actually achieved for it numerous membership?

3. On what basis did they award themselves?

4. Is civil servants part of an association that rewards failure and arrogate and praise incompetence and mediocrity?

What we want CLOGSAG and its national executives to know is, those who need to be rewarded are those that were rewarded at Sunyani coronation Park during the national May Day celebration. A classical example is Kwame Alovi. Everbody in Ghana including the national executives of CLOGSAG knows Mr Alovi deserves it.

The national executives shouldn’t pride and arrogate themselves to the migration of civil servants onto the Single Spine Salary Structure as achievement because with or without them FWSC would have still migrated civil servants and it would have been better than the mediocre negotiations they undertook.

CLOGSAG you celebrated one year of another failure and shame and again had a nice of opportunity to spend 2% of our salary deduction by your whimsical, bogus and capricious association quoting the words of the Honourable minority leader.

Ayekoo NAGRAT, GRNA, GVMA, FUSSAG, GMA, TEWU, UTAG and all those who have fought relentlessly for your colleagues to be able to afford current rent prices, transportation and school fees of their wards. You are really an association worth joining in this world and the world after.

To CLOGSAG, the general membership thanks you for celebrating failure, mediocrity and incompetence by buying one saloon car for your members.



Ministry of Food and Agriculture


Columnist: Bannor, Richard Kwasi