Opinions Tue, 1 Apr 2014

Remembering "One Good Turn Deserves Another" ...

...to Decide On Hopeson Adorye ? It will be too soon for Ghanaians, especially, the discerning ones, to forget Mr Hopeson Adorye of New Patriotic Party (NPP). He was the gentleman arraigned before the Supreme Court tyrant William Atuguba sometime last year. ? He retaliated in like-manner response to some treasonable threats issued on Ghana airwaves by one NDC fanatic going by the name Atubiga. This fearless Atubiga declared on air that should the Supreme Court dare pronounce verdict on Election 2012 petition in favour of Nana Akufo Addo and Co., Ghana will not contain everybody; there will be a civil war where many Ghanaians will be killed by him and his team of NDC terrorists. ? Atubiga was let off the hook when he pretentiously regretted his declaration claiming it banter; going on air to apologise and then prostrating to William Atuguba in the Supreme Court. However, Hopeson Adorye who counteracted the nonsensical threats spewed by the seemingly mental Atubiga was disgraced by William Atuguba in Court, threatened with imprisonment and then fined GHC2, 000. ? Many a wise Ghanaian could see William Atuguba playing the "selective justice card" that was clearly proven beyond doubt in the end by his shameful verdict on Election 2012 petition. His verdict will forever be cited and classed as a dent in Ghana’s justice delivery. ? Hopeson, who has always been vocal, expressing his views and countering the idiotic threatening statements issued by the NDC propagandists suffered in defence of the defenceless that the NDC has in mind to cow. They had William Atuguba (JSC) to fulfil their heart desire for them, banned Hopeson Adorye from ever sharing his views publicly on the then pending Election 2012 petition. He was also banned from the airwaves for a minimum of six months. In default of the restrictions imposed on him by Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient William Atuguba, Hopeson would see his arse in jail. ? He was around when NPP needed him most. He briefed Ghanaians on the hidden intentions by the NDC to usurp Nana Akufo Addo which they did, in the end by their collusion with some judges with a king allegedly a tacit partner. ? I could see Hopeson and Sir John fighting for the collective interest of Ghanaians in general and that of the NPP in particular. They suffered in the course of their duty to Ghanaians and the NPP. Do we not by common sense if not by obligation, reciprocate their kindness and service to Ghana and the NPP? ? Why are some NPP members trying to pull the ladder or the chair from underneath them? Why are fellow NPP family members now talking ill of these two gentlemen? Is it because those members are contesting positions in the party with them? Where were those people when the going got tough? Now, to those soiling the reputation of Hopeson just to outdo him on the contest for the National Organiser position within the party, I say, "Abene w3 aha na mo mmefa nk3di - ap3t3wea mu na yetu domo?" ? I call on all serious NPP family members to vote for Hopeson Adorye. We need people who will be on the ground without their "coat, coat- mentality" to do the job for NPP and Mother Ghanaian. ? I will not mix up different topics intended for castigating those wolves in lamb skin within the NPP under today’s topic. When the time comes, the axe will be wielded mercilessly but not indiscriminately. ? VOTE FOR HOPESON OSONOBA ADORYE. HOPESON ALL THE WAY, FOR ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER! ? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson