Remove The EGC Pole In Your Mouth ....

Sat, 9 Mar 2013 Source: Dzidefo, Brian Dzansi

Before Taking Out The Toothpick In Chris Brown’s Mouth

There nor we go again, instead of focusing on the main issues, we are exuding our energies condemning a young man for smoking e-weed. Since Chris brown has become a national talking point, “me too I for talk some”

I read online that the SHOW was all about celebrating the HOPE CITY Mr. Visionary RLG is putting together and giving it an international recognition. I was so azontofied when I heard about a technology park finally constructed in Ghana. For those of you who are not aware, Kwame Nkrumah’s KNUST and our government’s technology park has been in the pipeline for God knows how long. So why don’t we focus our attention on the number of jobs the technology park will create, the future of Ghana’s IT industry, the tourism potentials etc. We should interrogate how Mr. RLG plans to raise the money so this one too would not be like the STX.

What about discussing how we will position ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities the technology park would bring?

As for the e-weed, please give breezy a break. 10 minutes of advocating weed in Ghana will not brainwash any young man to go smoke jot. Where is Bandana hiding? Greetings to Blakk Rasta

“Wee 101” is the first tutorial in all male senior high schools in Ghana. Adisco, Botwe, PJ, Amanf)a, blewooo, Biheco, na lie?

So if we succeeded passing through such a system for 3 years without smoking weed, how will a 10 minutes act influence us to start smoking?

Conscious Boiler, do you remember your neighbor who freely and openly displays his e-weed in his balcony whiles we dissect Ghana’s future after a tiring day in the engineering lab? He is a first class student ooo Is the Ghana police not aware of Tawala? A “Koti” friend of mine never misses the Wednesday night service.

I am not advocating for use of e-weed or endorsing Chris Brown’s unfortunate proclamation during the show. I have seen and heard of potentials gone down the drain as a result of overuse of the e-substance. I am 100% against it. But my point in this piece is that; we should remove the ECG poles in our mouths before removing Chris brown’s toothpick. Let us focus on the important issues. Let us focus on the salient issues

As for our Ghanaian musicians who have decided to call themselves celebrities, the least said the better. (Even paydizzy of R2bees is a rapper!!!) If you want to be paid a million dollars for 2 hours, build your brand globally. Once again thank you Mr. RLG for keeping my hopes alive with your HOPE CITY and The Uhulu or Uhuru. Mr Roland Agambire: Will e-weed be manufactured in the HOPE CITY?

Ghana just dey bii k3k3

Brian Dzansi Dzidefo (brian@watsuptek.com)

Columnist: Dzidefo, Brian Dzansi