Renaming Bwaku Sec -Part II

Mon, 11 Mar 2013 Source: Abugri, Haruna S.


Over the past 72 hours after my article entitled “RENAMING

BAWKU SEC, WHO LED THE PARK?, My e-mail and mobile phone have been updated with

calls and messages of diverse views. While few of my gallant readers have blindly

refuse to recognized the efforts of our past hero- Naba Azoka I ,many are those

who agreed with my call. Some of my

critics to some extent unfortunately rained all manner of insult on me, but

that to me is the beauty of democracy. Some of these confused critics described

my piece as self centered, politically motivated, ethnocentric among others. One

of these disorientated critics has vowed to head to the law court. hahahaaaa. I

only have one question for these insane critics; if you have the guts to

describe my piece as ethnocentric, then on what grounds are you also opposing?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Fortunately for me, majority of my gallant readers are those

who are dancing in the same tune with me. For them, am not just embarking on a

good journey, but also a sensible one. Believe me or not if we dump our hero, then

what we interns doing is that- we are erasing our history and our children yet

unborn will go astray. So for my critics, I will say go ahead and criticized. I

have taken them in good faith.

To my fellow comrades, I will urge you to intensify your efforts-for

the civilized and matured battle has begun. The only way to give our great hero

a peaceful rest in his grave is to rename the school after him. Most of my

critics are either refusing to agree with me or are just enemies of progress. We

are not asking for the school to be named after Naba Azoka I, but rather it

should be giving it original name and that is Azoka Sec. To the school authorities;

are you celebrating Azoka @ 50 or Bawku sec @ 50. We shouldn’t be cowards in

telling the truth.

The issue regarding the naming of Bawku sec is just

tantamount to an open day light robbery of identity. Please let’s give people

what is due them.

Let’s get things done now to avoid future misrepresentation

of facts. In as much as I have opened my dust bin to dump my critics’ negative

views, I humbly wish to call on my comrades to move all out to get this done. My

critics can go and burn the sea. The journey has begun and we will achieve this

set goal at all cost. If some of my critics are threatening a court action, then

they should come again. If we have named some important structures after foreigners

to the neglects of our hero’s, then there is something wrong with us.

Mpo-us ya. I will be

back very soon. “Truth- the only weapon”.

ABUGRI SUMAILA HARUNA.abugrisumailaharuna@yahoo.com


Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.