Republic of Ghana now republic of international ridicule

Ghana Flag Big Ghana became a republic on July 1, 1960

Sat, 1 Jul 2017 Source: Denis Andaban

We as a nation have grown, having gone through different stages of political transformation.

Having moved from colonial rule, to self governance largely characterized by political instability precipitated by military takeovers, and now to a modern democratic state. Let me add that our democracy started so well and had earned the respect of international community. Indeed, Ghana has earned the accolade, the beacon of hope for African democracy.

The fundamental question that should be asked today is, can we still say we are making a relatively enviable progress in democratic governance as a Republican State? Well, I know we cannot arrive at any answer because of the extreme partisanship we have now thrown our patriotic conscience into.

Today happens to be a memorable day in our political literature since this was the very day in 1960 that Ghana became a Republican state. What it meant was that Ghana could then take over its own business as a nation. Indeed, that was the day the white man had his farewell.

It is very remarkable in that, it opened a new chapter in our political literature and must be commemorated annually, to in my view, let all citizens reverse our minds back to the era of colonialism and all the struggles and sacrifices our forefathers made to get self governance.

Frankly speaking, making 1st July a public holiday annually to mark this historic day is very good but incomplete if such days are used to dine and wine around without any careful introspection as a nation. I have observed over the years that this day is declared as such without any education and many a citizens do not understand what the day actually stands for.

I think that it is essentially imperative to educate citizens on this special day on the historical political antecedents of this nation. I think that would contribute in no small way to instilling nationalism and patriotism among citizen, the essential components of citizenship that are almost in absolute extinction.

In furtherance, citizenship is becoming a challenge in this country. The whole concept of citizenship is misunderstood. In my understanding, a real citizen must have a sense of belongingness, sense of responsibility, sense of nationalism anchored in cherished national values and attitudes.

If citizenship is separated from the enumerated components above, then be assured that you will have a failed state where no individual or leader takes responsibility over anything. Let me boldly state that we have reached that state in our current dispensation where we have few citizens but many nationals.

In the many years of struggle from being a Republican state, we are not different from countries who gained independence far after us. We are going worse as the years go by. That is obvious!!

We have gone far in a more negative direction right from laziness, irresponsibility, lawlessness, corruption, inequality, injustice and obviously bad governance in many circumstances. If you look at all the major institutions of Ghana, you would agree with me that we are in a Republic of international ridicule.

We have issues of injustice and corruption in the judiciary, corruption in the legislative and executive arm of government. The whole nation is also equally divided on partisan lines and dangerously transmogrifying to tribal bigotry.

Today, we should have been engaging in a subject matter with a united voice but we are divided on partisan lines over the criminality of an unscrupulous public official. That is how we have been shielding individuals to the detriment of our country. Look at what just happened at BOST. A certain Mr. Boateng Obeng Alfred, decided to milked this state in a shameful manner.

It is sickening, ridiculous and extremely sardonically for an individual to have cheated a whole nation after just some few months in office but because of political colorization, he is being defended by government when it is conspicuous that there is loot and share.

What makes the argument more irritating is the needless equalization by some elements in government that same loot and share had happened some years back and therefore it is their time to loot and share. Really!!

Where is the sense of responsibility? Who is responsible in this country? Are we going back or forward?

Well, let me leave that subject matter for another day.

My point is that we must not throw away with spades what our grandfathers gathered with rakes. The fight towards self governance was fierce and many had lost their lives just to ensure that our current generation is not under any political captivity. What are we also leaving for the next generation?

I guess massive corruption, selling of national assets including our natural resources, partisanship, and laziness. Yes! We are telling the whole world how ignorant and substandard we are.

Our minerals are being given to foreign nationals in exchange of peanuts while our locals are being chased all over the bush for illegal mining when we have the wherewithal to form our own local mining companies and employ these jobless citizens who are striving hard to earn a living.

I pray one day our citizens are not carried away like goats across seas in exchange of money that will only end up in the stomachs of few greedy cum corrupt politicians who are unrepentant in building their political dynasties to the detriment of we the ordinary citizens.

No wonder there is an alarming rate of armed robbery, political fanaticism and other forms of uncharitable acts by some of the hard working jobless youth whose daily breads have been wickedly denied. I am not justifying illegal mining but only to say that just chasing our youth out of mining sites is not enough to ameliorating the problems of illegal mining. The problem is convoluted and multifaceted and requires a holistic approach.

As for violence in this country, the least talk about it the better. After all Ghana has won a noble prize for violence so violence is no longer a criminal act because the perpetuators cannot be touched by any institution be it security or the court. Very pathetic!!!

Aren't we in a Republic of international ridicule? Yet our leaders still feel gay to travel all over the world touting their leadership credentials, begging for monies and asking us to clap for them amidst economic hardship. Hihihihi......

Sometimes one is tempted to say that democracy has vanished into the air whiles "powercracy" is practiced in the interest of the ruling class.

We keep on saying and they keep on doing and we all keep on sinking and we may all have to perish one day for our extreme ignorance and extreme leadership conundrum. Africans are where we are because of poor attitude and bad leadership and that is quite visible in Ghana. Let's change our ways!!

Shall be back........

Columnist: Denis Andaban