Resign From Office – President Mahama

Wed, 2 Jul 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Conclusively established evidence points out clearly that President John Mahama is not only the most incompetent, but also, the most corrupt President in the annals of Ghana’s political history. Under his watch, Ghana is collapsing economically, socially and politically. Under his watch, Ghana is witnessing a government that is tribally oriented, with almost all those in government shamelessly corrupt beyond human redemption. Under his watch, all the State institutions are getting weaker and weaker with ruinous corruption becoming institutionalized.

Ghana is falling apart, the citizenry cannot hold. Hunger and joblessness are staring many people in the face yet; President Mahama as clueless as he is doesn’t give a hoot. No matter the level of agitations by the public, he is with that ingrained idea of “Ehuru a ebe dwo. Yen ntie obiara” – (The whirlwind will eventually settle down or any boiled water will in the end cool down. We will not listen to anyone). Should such a person, completely nonchalant about the feelings and the welfare of the masses be allowed to continue in his position as the President of the country? I will say no, if I had my on way. I will surely have my own way God willing.

He is as well the most callous President who cares only about his family and cronies. Such a person, in my estimation, drawing from my years of experience gained by residing among the relatively civilized Whites, should never have been the President of a country in the first place. His track record indicates that he is incapable of anything sensible. He cannot take cogent decisions himself. All his decisions so far taken are not in the best interest of the country.

By his decisions, thus, actions and inactions, selective justice has become the order of the day in Ghana. A few among the lot have become very powerful and extremely rich all for the fact of being in government, being in the NDC party, and being permitted to be extremely corrupt to commit crime with relative impunity.

From the way President Mahama has mismanaged the country, I call on him to resign honourably before he is pushed over the precipice. Ghanaians can no longer tolerate his maladministration.

My country of birth (Ghana) is sinking each passing day that John Mahama is in power. Anyone who rigs elections to become President when God has not appointed them so, will forever face problems and disgrace during their entire duration in the post. No wonder that President John Mahama cannot make heads or tails of governing Ghana. Ghana is not ruled by clueless “ede bii keke” fantasists.

For every action taken, there is equally opposite reaction. Ghanaians should support me in their numbers in calling for the resignation of President Mahama. We should not allow ourselves to be sunk along with President “Ede bii Keke”.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson