Ghana's presidency in the mud!

Sun, 27 May 2018 Source: Peter Suaka

Pretense is but for a moment.

You can’t keep concealing your real identity forever. The NPP is fake and must be told same. After all the well rehearsed calculated attacks on the person and presidency of John Mahama where are we today?

After deploring the media against the person and presidency of John Mahama where have the “saints” taken Ghana to?

After screaming the anthem of excellence and competence to the self acclaimed economies and moral prodigies of our time what pride has Ghana in the international eye today? After the claim of incorruptibility what is the story since day one of this administration??

After all the long lectures of Bawumia and his incessant noise about how he can alleviate the pain and suffering of teachers, nurses, doctors, farmers, businessmen in less than twelve months where are we now? What is the current state of businesses in Ghana? What has changed about the condition of teachers, nurses, doctors, farmers etc?

When Ghana embarrassingly fell three places in the recent corruption perception index score this year, they denied to be the reason and sought to transfer blame to Mahama’s administration. When the KENBOND SCANDAL of $2.25Million was discovered, the all-knowing Bawumia and his loud mouth cronies unleashed venom on Ghanaians, claiming everyone else was ignoramus and does not read except him.

This persisted until the CHRAG findings vindicated the NDC’s position.

When the BOST SCANDAL came up, they again denied of wrong doing whiles they turn around and apologized for $14million financial loss to Ghana. When the NDC constructed six unit classroom blocks for ghc450million in 2015, they screamed and cried foul and when they were given power, they increased it to ghc750million in less than a year. This is who the NPP is. Pretence and lies, their stock in trade.

When names of the two deputy stuffers were mentioned in a bribery scandal at the presidency in August last year, the president hurriedly appointed a police officer who was under investigation for alleged professional misconduct of promoting the interest of the NPP on a tape as CID Boss. When the cash for seat issue came, the president instituted a committee to investigate and clear the Ministry of Trade of any wrong doing.

Now the chickens have come home to roost. The president and his vice are suspected to be intended beneficiaries of $5million and $3million respectively plus the previously cleared deputy Stuffer, Francis Asenso.

In the laws and criminal codes of Ghana, we are told that both a “briber” and a “bribee” are guilty of offence of corruption. Kwesi Nyantakyi, His Excellency the president, the Vice president and the deputy Stuffer Asenso must all be invited by the police for interrogation.

Interestingly, the police CID who should investigate these alleged criminals is the cousin of the president. In case they are to be prosecuted, it will be done by Gloria Akufo who is another cousin of the president.

If a chief justice has to appoint a judge or constitute a panel of judges to hear and determine the merit or other wise of their alleged criminal orchestration that will be done by the president cousin Sofia Akufo. This is how corrupt, nepotistic and “Khronios” the Nana Addo’s government is.

It is obvious the image of Ghana’s presidency is fast sinking. Calls for the president himself, his Vice and Francis Asenso to be investigated by police is already getting too embarrassing. This is how steep we have stooped. Ghana’s presidency in the mud!!

Columnist: Peter Suaka
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