Responsible mothers make great nations

Happy Mothers Day. File photo: Mothers Day

Sun, 9 May 2021 Source: Denis Andaban

A woman is a special creature with more wisdom, strength, passion and knowledge to produce and care for others.

Sometimes I deeply reflect to understand women. The more I cogitate about same, the more confused I end up. They are simply special and unique.

I dare to say that the person who nurtured this idea of using this day to celebrate mothers across the globe, also deserve a praise.

God would not have forgiven us, should we not have set this day aside to eulogize our mothers who have sacrificed blood, energy, beauty and pride just to see to it that we are brought into this world.

I have my own classification of mothers. A primary or biological mother and a secondary mother. Your primary mother is the one who gave birth to you.

Beyond this, there may be several other women who by their quest to contribute to the progress of society, has extended motherhood by role to many others.

This group of women are our secondary mothers. Motherhood is just not about giving birth. It goes beyond to include the responsibility and role of mentorship, care, love, compassion and guidance. It is therefore safe to conclude that all responsible women are mothers and indeed GREAT mothers.

For me, no amount of kind words can better eulogize my mother. Her struggle anchored on hard-work, bringing me up as a single parent, rings a bell in my mind and clearly manifests how many other mothers struggled to produce great men in this globe.

Mama, may you live longer to see the grace that shall rain on us as part of your reward.

The globe is replete of great men who have contributed to civilization either through war and conquest, science and innovation, advocacy, leadership and influence and writing.

All these would not have been possible without the role of mothers. The result of responsible motherhood is national GREATNESS for their role is indispensable.

Unfortunately, our mothers remain the most vulnerable. They are still not given enough social protection and their suffering is exacerbated by inadequate gender inclusivity, domestic violence and economic hardships.

Albeit these challenges, real mothers remain mothers. They run helter-skelter striving to put food on the table.

By what means or to what extent, remains a little worry to them. As long as they want to fend for their children, they are ready to toil and sacrifice. This explains why a charcoal seller struggles day in and out to burn charcoal to take care of her wards.

It explains why my mother had to pick shea-fruits deep in the forest to take care of me. Indeed, it explains why the poor pito-brewer has to roast her hitherto beautiful and succulent body by fire and sun, just to bring food home.

The numerous sacrifices our women have made cannot be enumerated. No amount of paper can contain them(such sacrifices), should we attempt cataloguing same.

Today, it is right that I extent my deep love and solidarity to my mother and to all mothers across the globe. Your sacrifices cannot be paid for but God who gives you the knowledge, strength and wisdom to contribute this much, will reward you.

You are special creatures. This world would be messy without your contribution. I wish to see joy, good health and grace in all of you.

Happy mothers' day.

Columnist: Denis Andaban