Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi Is A Politician And Not A Priest.

Sun, 26 Sep 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Most Ghanaians did not know that the Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi is a politician and a card bearing member of the NPP and therefore a dyed in the wool Danquah / Busiast whose roots comes from the murderous tribal grouping called “National Liberation Movement” with “Mate-meho” as its local name from 1951 to 1957. It was later renamed the United Party (UP) tradition which is today’s NPP Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi is not somebody who is hiding behind the pulpit to whip up support for the NPP, he has been doing it since the PNDC era 1982 – 1992.

He was among several church leaders who refused government appointments to the District Assemblies from the inception of the District Assemblies in 1987 to the year 2000 when the NDC lost power before they urged NPP supporters to even contest as assembly members and the church leaders also accepted appointments to the District assemblies ONLY when the NPP won the general elections in 2000 because their government was in power. Presently Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi is the current chairman of the NPP Council of Elders and he was appointed a member of the Council of State under Ex-president Kufour’s NPP government and he ate with both hands and bragged that the NDC will NEVER come to power, because he could not see anything beyond his stomach between January 2001 – January 2009 period. The Rev. Dr. Asanti Antwi was fully, aware of the intention of the NPP top leaders to plunge Ghana into civil war in 1992 when the late Prof. Adu Buahen lost the presidential elections to Jerry John Rawlings.

I am therefore using this opportunity to advise all Ghanaians that they SHOULD NEVER RUSH to the Houses or Churches of these so-called men of God for ANY protection if the NPP ever plunges this country into a civil war as they promised BUT were stopped by the late Otumfuo Opoku Ware II of blessed memory. This is because 99% of Ghana’s clergy men and women are members of the National Pick Pockets (NPP). About the NPP’s intended civil war in Ghana, see Africa watch, July 2010 and read all about the EVIL INTENTIONS of the NPP as revealed by Akenten Appiah Menkah an equally evil thinking member of the blood soaked vicious NPP. In fact, if NOT for the fear of God, by the Mills administration, the violent tribal grouping known as the NPP should have been scrapped from the books of Ghana politics as a registered political party. Do you know what? I sent a rejoinder to the Editor of Africa Watch and he flatly reused to publish it because he himself is a card bearing member of the NPP who is intolerant. Having spent $47 million dollars in the 2008 general elections before losing power – they are all dazed and did not believe what they are seeing now? During the 2008 general elections all NPP leaders and their supporters were dancing to “VICTORY” why won’t you dance now? Therefore if there should be ANY CIVIL WAR in Ghana and you ran for shelter in the house of ANY so-called man of God.

You are finished – because he himself will take a machine gun and spray you to death because they were all heavily armed by the Kufour administration from 2001-2008. My 5 brothers in Accra who accompanied my children to the Methodist Church in 2008 during the campaign period came back and told me that Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi have put an NPP campaign song as a ring tone on his cell phone when they were discussing some issues concerning the church with him and somebody called him on his phon. I told them to leave the Methodist church and come back to the Roman Catholic Church where we belong and they did. I then told them that the NDC will win the elections and we swear Professor Mills into office even if the NPP spent $200 billion dollars to deceive Ghanaians and buy votes. Even though I was not a prophet, Prof. Mills is now the president of the Republic of Ghana because I know what I did as a grassroots cadre of the NDC as well as several party cadres in 2008. We are NOT SAFE in this country and must NOT seek protection from the clergy since most of them are capitalists championing the cause of violent prone tribal NPP because it believes in capitalism and our men and women of God are all property owning democrats working indirectly against every NDC government in power since 1992 – 2000 and from 2009 onwards, so NDC sympathizers must watch out and be extra careful with Ghana’s Talibans in the NPP who believe in blood shed and even death if you are NOT in their camp. Can anybody tell me the reason why Nobody in Ghana condemned Akanten Appiah Menkah for revealing to Ghanaians that the leadership of NPP intended to plunge Ghana into a civil war in 1992 when the NPP lost the general elections to theNDC? Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi is a politician and NOT repeat NOT a priest and he can even wear an NPP “T’shit and stroll in the streets of Kumasi and Accra.

It was and is still a planned thing between the NPP and the clergy in Ghana, the T.U.C, FIDA, so-called Civil Society Organization, Ghana Bar Association, Neighboring West Africa Countries around Ghana, where the families of the top NPP leaders would have been flown to safety according to Appiah Menkah. Most NGO’s in Ghana were also involved as well as the Ghana Journalists Association, some Traditional rulers were informed including the Asantehene, Otumfuo Opoku Ware II who RIGHTLY ADVISED the fire eating murderous leaders of the NPP to stop their intention to plunge Ghana into civil war, just because of power that have eluded them. By this tine, Otumfuo Opoku Ware II will be sitting at the right hand side of God in Heaven resting, after having brought total peace to Ghana during the 1992 general elections. Therefore, it you join the NPP, it means that you believe in bloodshed, lies, anarchy, tribalism, selective justice, cocaine dealings, massive looting of state offers, wife snatching, husband snatching, deceiving Ghanaians, scare mongering fraud, destruction of the chieftaincy institution, civil war, massive corruption and genocide which are all detractors of good governance, peace, accountability and probity.

If you are a member of the NPP, kindly denounce your membership of that vicious tribal grouping and rush em-block to join the NDC and pitch camp with us for a Better Ghana and you will NOT regret doing that – is that clear? Better late than Never. Do not allow these deceitful members of the NPP to use you and dump you into the rubbish bin when they win the elections like they did for the first time from 2001-2008.

Come back home to the Peaceful Family of the NDC and God will richly bless you, I hope to see you very soon defecting from the NPP into the NDC all over the country and Abroad because the NPP has nothing good to offer Ghanaians apart from deceit, civil war and fat lies.

Aluta Continua.

Clement Sangaparee Municipal Organizer United Cadres Front C/O Box 32, Obuasi E-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement