What happened to Ghana's vast mineral and gas/oil resources

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 Source: Kwarteng, Francis

“Africa is a paradox which illustrates and highlights neo-colonialism. Her earth is rich, yet the products that come from above and below the soil continue to enrich, not Africans predominantly, but groups and individuals who operate to Africa’s impoverishment” (Kwame Nkrumah).


The chichidodo bird, oh why oh why?:

African minerals in the world:

Clothe the world…feed the world and its hungry industries…industrializes the world…make peace in the world…

Give jobs to many in the world…enrich the world…give life to the world…

Create marriages and romantic relationships in the world…

Make love in the world…all that glitters is gold in the world…serenade the world…make God happy in the world…

Resource blessing…

The chichidodo bird, oh why oh why?:

African minerals in Africa:

Make Africa naked…starve the African and his malnourished, undernourished industries…de-industrialize the African world…make wars and enemies and child soldiers and warlords and widows and widowers and fatherlessness and motherlessness in the African world…

Take jobs away from the African world…impoverish the African world…take life away from the African world…

Create divorces and romantic hatred in the African world…

Make hatred in the African world…all that glitters is not gold in the African world…do not serenade the world…do make God happy in the African world…

Pollute the African world…rape the African world…

Resource curse…Dutch disease…resource disease…

The chichidodo bird, oh why oh why?:

Your secret romantic relationship with Eurocentrism make you the biological mother and father of Charles Taylor, of Foday Sankoh, of Emperor Bokassa, of Mobuto Sese Seko, of Joseph Kony, of Idi Amin…all of them…of slavery, of colonialism, of neocolonialism, of Kwashiorkor…

The chichidodo bird, oh why oh why?:

Why make fun of the children of Africa…make them child soldiers…by discrediting:

…Daddy Lumba’s “Children of the Future”?

…Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All”?

…Lionel Richie’s “Love, Oh Love”?

…Michael Jackson’s “The Lost Children” and “We Are the World”?

The chichidodo bird, why make Peter Tosh’s “Mama Africa” a child widow, a child mourner?:

“You're the maker of gold Mama

“You're the maker of diamond

“You're the maker of pearls

“And the maker of all precious goals…

“I've been crying, praying hoping

“That I may find you Mama…

The chichidodo bird, listen to this Wiyaala dirge:

“The land is good, the land is fine

“Gold we have, diamonds we mine

“Yet we fight; we cover it all in blood

“Tell me why we wallow in the mud

“Africa! Africa! Africa!...Mama Africa

“We cry for peace…Africa!

“Tell me why you fight…Tell me why we fight…

About our oil, where is the Production Sharing Agreement? About our oil, what is the Hybrid System doing in the body politic of the chichidodo bird? Why are we so much addicted to non-open-source killer contracts? Why do we keep voting the same proxy-politicians into office every four or eight years?

Well, it just does not make a smidgen of sense for these vast natural resources, of minerals and oil/gas, to be the source of our collective underdevelopment, our mortal enemy other than that we want them to be our mortal enemies. This strategy is part of the plank of the chichidodo bird’s vision.


“In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty,” sang the great Bob Marley.

How true this statement is in the special case of the neocolonial, anti-Afrocentric generation of maggot-infested leaders of which the chichidodo bird represents.

Such leaders and their camarillas are ungodly traitors, purveyors of “the kiss of Judas,” so to speak, and sons and daughters of false prophets.

Inglorious bastard of political criminals whose only purpose on earth, it seems, is total destruction and impoverishment of Africa’s development.

How can a resource-rich continent like Africa be so poor? What happened to the potential wealth of this resource-rich continent? For how else can the gracious, longsuffering sons and daughters of this great continent be materially “thirsty” in the continent’s abundance of resource-rich “water”?

Quality leadership, which is a scare commodity in postcolonial Africa, is also a major contributing factor to the stifling conundrum of Africa’s continuing developmental doldrums. Even where we had earned a pittance of foreign exchange for our minerals on the international market, a chunk of that pittance had vanished into the deep kleptomaniacal pockets of the chichidodo bird and her camarillas.

These pockets have been fertile grounds for strings of civil wars, escalating disease burdens, the birth of child soldiers, underdevelopment, corruption, pollution, destruction of the ecology (habitat destruction), and so on.

We are truly living in dangerous times given the callous leadership of the chichidodo bird.

In this case equity, social justice, poverty eradication, fairness, improved standard of living and quality of life for the vast majority of the African people remain far removed from the political epicenter of patriotic consciousness.

To reverse these negative trends therefore require Afrocentric conscientization of the popular mind, which has been particularly if relatively slow in gaining on the vast body of scholarship on the subject, given the entrenchment of Eurocentrism on the continent and inferiority complex among the masses.

These are some of the major issues that our politics should revolve around! It is just sad that we cannot eat these minerals or call upon our leaders and the West to return minerals stolen from Africa during slavery and colonialism and the plunder still continuing though this present neocolonial dispensation.

The people should ensure that these woolgathering politicians…these ersatz political animals…these yclept African leaders…these humanoid-avian troglodytes…these scrofulous Neanderthals…these murderous popinjays…these scandalous poltroons…these pharisaic philistines….and their widdershins and ugsome and procrustean ideas are a thing of the past, are history…

A glorious past and a history the people themselves write without fear or favor in the sweltering red-ink of moral…righteous indignation, even of “war” and of a consuming baptism of “fire” if it should come down to it, a bold history of radical revolution that is the people’s own making…

A majestic history of moral revolution that totally ignores the hypocritical pleading susurrus of the most heinously politically wicked in the body politic of the Animal Farm, a history that puts a quietus to their political and social lives, to the misery and pain of their longsuffering subjects…

A royal history that looks up and includes hopeful pages on the foregone longsuffering tears of the people…a progressive history that looks at Calestous Juma’s knowledge economy, at why Ghana…the Gold Coast…a rich land of gold…has turned into a desert of rusty metal…into a Gold Ghost of massive political corruption, of mass illiteracy and poverty, of open defecation, of reverse civilization…of an Eurocentric Island of anti-Afrocentricity…at why our vast rich mines now belongs to others…King Solomon…foreign interests…Henry Rider Haggard’s “King Solomon’s Mines”…

In the final analysis the masses must understand that Abraham Lincoln’s brother, Donald Trump’s Gettysburg Address in which he proclaimed, quite eloquently, that “democracy” is “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” a dubious invention the chichidodo bird sycophantically endorses as her political platform, call it her plank, is a sacred sham, a sanctimonious canard.

In other words, the phrase “the people” are merely a dispensable or disposable gangplank in the pretentious exercise of democracy. In far-flung democracies such as the United States, for instance, there is always a parallel force, namely a shadow “government,” arguably the real mover of such countries’ political-economic destinies alongside their official governments.

That is, the official governments of these alleged democracies are remote-controlled by an oligarchy and special-interest-groups politics, mostly by white men who own and control the instruments of pressure politics.

It therefore follows that a chunk of the decisional prerogatives which these official governments enjoy in both theory and practice, actually flows from the pressure politics of special interest groups. Democracy may as well be a dictatorship of the minority, of a scheming oligarchy.

These special interest groups may not even reflect or represent a cross-section of the numerical preponderance of those who turned over their popular sovereignty and franchise to a body of persons that rules over them. The people do this under soft coercion and through manufacturing consent.

Thus “government of the people, by the people, for the people” is merely a nominal convenience, a self-serving concoction meant to deceive into believing that real power is theirs when it is actually not. The people buy into this appealing concoction in exchange for enticing crumbs from this quantum genius of oligarchic criminals in their midst. The chichidodo bird is one of these.

For one thing, Trump is “Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop.” For another, the chichidodo bird is “Baboon dey chop, monkey dey work.” Notably, we have here new wine in old wineskins.


Bob Marley (“Chant Down Babylon”):

“For them soft! Yes, them soft!

“Them soft! Yes, them soft!

“So come we go chant down Babylon one more time

“Men see their dreams and aspiration-a

“Crumble in front of their face,

“And all of their wicked intention

“To destroy the human race.

Oh, the people must go to war to force these chichidodo political troglodytes to allow the earth to keep its mineral and oil/gas resources in her anthropogenically-caused polluted womb far, far, far away from the encroaching thieving hands of the chichidodo bird, of her stinking camarillas, and of her bloodsucking foreign interests…

And oh, after all minerals and oil/gas and ecology and oceans are the earth’s spiritual soul food…human can afford to live on their hyenas, skunks, snakes, dogs, frogs, shit-carrying beetles…

These shameless thieving anti-Afrocentric, neocolonial politicians…please, please, please you chichidodo politicians leave the earth alone to mourn her polluted wounds, boils, scars, scabs, frustrations, injuries…all of which you have caused her without her asking you to do so…please, please…please…

And to you the ever-sleeping…slumberous…masses! Rise from your sleepless slumber…Bob Marley!…Revolution!…Revolution!…Revolution!… It takes a revolution to give birth to a solution…Shake off the yoke of neocolonialism…The time is now, now, now, now!

Thus, Africans had better deal with the crude leadership style of the neocolonial chichidodo bird and her stinking stigma of anti-Afrocentric camarillas, as Steele Pulse called for on the track “Tyrant”:

“The system is a fraud

“In greed there's no reward

“Let's eradicate corruption…

“Without a doubt watch out

“You better watch out you bad rulers

“We put you on trial now…

“Your life in our hands now

“Held down by your throat

“Power to the people say we find you guilty

“In the name of democracy we burn the city

“No more hypocrisy says we have no mercy…

A consciousness based on Afrocentric patriotism does not tolerate the likes of the chichidodo bird.

The anti-Afrocentric chichidodo bird and her negrified neocolonial buffoons called camarillas must go!

It is what Bob Marley called “Redemption Song” and “One Love” and “Africa Unite” and “Zimbabwe,” KRS-1 “Self-Destruction,” Culture “Tribal War,” Mutabaruka “The People’s Court (1)” …

Pay attention to the great words of the wise!

This covers Part 3 of “Ayi Kwei Armah’s Chichidodo Bird Is A Deadly Political Animal.” We shall return with a concluding installment, Part 4!

Columnist: Kwarteng, Francis